Pro-Lifers Sue on Basis of Discrimination

On November 18, the Frederick Douglass Foundation and Students for Life of America filed a lawsuit in federal court stating that the Washington D.C. police discriminated against their group’s pro-life views by preventing them from chalking pro-life messages on the … Continue reading

Pro-Life Activism During a Pandemic

On Saturday, November 14, an Illinois Right to Life employee went to pray by the Aurora Planned Parenthood and talk to the others who were there along with them. A few members of Pro-Life Action League were there leading some … Continue reading

Facebook Rejects IRL Ad to Help Women in Need

It’s no secret that social media outlets have been increasingly targeting conservative viewpoints in recent years. Facebook’s fact checkers are all too eager to hide information that does not coincide with their viewpoints–even when the information is true and credible. … Continue reading

Amy Coney Barrett is Confirmed to the Supreme Court

52 to 48, the U.S. Senate voted on October 26th to confirm Amy Coney Barrett, a vibrantly pro-life mother of seven, to the Supreme Court. This confirmation pushes a rightward shift in the balance of power of the federal judiciary. … Continue reading

Poland Faces Opposition to Recent Pro-Life Victory

How pro-life is Poland? In the recent weeks, the fight to loosen the abortion restrictions is raging, but Poland continues to be one of the most conservative and Catholic countries. It has some of the most restrictive abortion laws in … Continue reading