Illinois to Cease Enforcement of Law Targeting Crisis Pregnancy Centers

As of last week, the state of Illinois will no longer enforce its law unfairly targeting crisis pregnancy centers. Per a report from Crain’s Chicago Business,

“Illinois will cease enforcement of a new law aimed at deterring what the state termed deceptive practices by crisis pregnancy centers under a draft agreement hammered out between Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul and anti-abortion advocates who challenged the law…The agreement orders a permanent injunction forbidding enforcement of the act against the plaintiffs.”

This news should come as no surprise: the law blatantly targeted pregnancy centers. Simply put, that law unfairly discriminated against one side of the abortion issue. 

Because many abortionists like to describe abortion as a “necessary evil” to “fix” the “problem” of unwanted babies, they should be open-minded to other alternatives. However, in practice, this is not the case.

A popular talking point from the pro-abortion perspective is that “no one likes abortion, but it’s necessary”. If this were truly the case, shouldn’t they, at the very least, be neutral towards pro-life pregnancy centers? After all, if no one really likes abortion, providing alternatives should be viewed as a net positive.

The truth is, many advocates do like abortion. They view it as a fundamental right that must be enshrined above all else. Their goal is simple: perform as many abortions as possible, no matter the costs. Therefore, it follows that anything that could take away from this goal is considered a “threat”.

This is the reason why pro-abortion advocates feel compelled to attack pro-life organizations. Since more abortions is always the goal, anything that stands in abortion’s way is considered an enemy. In their books, compromise is not an option. 

The pregnancy center law, though now defunct, will likely be the first of many attempts to thwart any opposition to the abortion movement. Abortionists will use this instance as a baseline to determine how far they can push their agenda through the law without being overturned.

These attacks will only continue, and each time they will be more refined. Ultimately, the burden falls on the pro-life movement to expose the truth of the abortion industry. Their continuous operation under deceptive phrases and slogans must be stopped for the sake of the unborn and women.

Abortionists’ control of the media makes this a difficult task. Because many Americans simply formulate their opinions based on the views of progressive networks such as CNN and MSNBC, who openly endorse the abortion agenda, the pro-life standpoint often gets misrepresented and straw-manned. However, spreading awareness in regards abortion and its horrid secrets is a crucial step that will continue to have real-world implications for the unborn.