The Biden Administration Announces Its Plan to Attack Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

Once again, it appears the Biden administration has set its sights on attacking the pro-life movement. Just recently, they announced a proposed rule change in which pro-life pregnancy centers would no longer receive federal tax funding under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.

This program aims to assist families struggling to provide for their children, and unplanned pregnancies can potentially create financial strain. 

However, this does not imply that abortion is the answer. No matter what circumstances a child is born into, he or she is never at fault. Therefore, it is morally egregious to administer a death sentence to that innocent child because he or she is wholly innocent. In no other legal matter is an innocent third party punished for the actions of another.

Abortionists like those in the Biden administration argue that the woman has “no choice but to abort the child” but this is simply not the case. In what other non-life-or-death situation does an individual have no choice to murder another? 

Furthermore, one of the primary purposes of the existence of pro-life pregnancy centers is to ensure women have somewhere to turn besides an abortion clinic. Pro-life pregnancy centers offer care for women in these exact scenarios, giving them the resources they need and helping them realize that an abortion is never “required”. Even from a pro-abortion perspective, why would one take any issue with a resource that simply offers alternatives to abortion? 

A common slogan on the pro-abortion side is that “no one likes abortion, but it’s necessary”. If this were truly the case, shouldn’t they, at the very least, be neutral towards pro-life pregnancy centers? After all, no one likes abortion, so providing alternatives should be viewed as a net positive.

Obviously, the fact that abortionists are anything but neutral to the idea of pro-life pregnancy centers indicates that their slogan of no one “liking” abortion may not be entirely truthful. Perhaps their true beliefs about the issue are too extreme for the masses and so they deem it necessary to conceal them under sayings like these.

The truth is, the goal of the abortion movement is simple: perform as many abortions as possible at all costs. This is why its advocates continuously reject any alternate options. Their goal is not to “protect” women, but to perform more abortions. Every argument or people group they claim to stand behind is merely a medium through which they can further accomplish their goal. Once again, this phenomenon is exemplified through the Biden administration’s stated desire to pull funding from pro-life pregnancy centers.

Ultimately, abortionists will continue to use any means necessary to perform as many abortions as possible. Their deceptive language and slimy tactics will persist until the general public truly understands their intentions. Thus, the time is now to spread awareness about the abortion industry and expose it for what it really is.