What You Need to Know about Assisted Suicide in Illinois

Just like abortion, assisted suicide is an issue clouded by vague terminology and legislation, with the ultimate goal of performing it as often as possible. Originally “only” reserved for those with terminal illnesses, the never-ending expansion that its supporters so … Continue reading

New CDC Data Show Late-Term Abortion Isn’t So Rare After All

When it comes to conversations surrounding abortion, most discussions trend towards the ethics of first-trimester abortions, since they are “easier” to defend from the pro-abortion advocate’s perspective.  This is because the vast majority of the population is unaware of how … Continue reading

Doctors Perform First-Ever Successful Brain Surgery on Fetus

Considering that the unborn are consistently referred to as “not human” or a “clump of cells” in the postmodern age, one would likely assume that performing a complex operation such as brain surgery on a fetus would be impossible.  Many … Continue reading