Abortionists in Arizona Look for Ways to Abort Disabled Children

As the abortion conversation continues in the United States, there is a particular moral dilemma that abortionists continuously sweep under the rug. Not often talked about is the fact that many pro-abortion advocates deem it perfectly acceptable to abort an … Continue reading

New CDC Data Show Late-Term Abortion Isn’t So Rare After All

When it comes to conversations surrounding abortion, most discussions trend towards the ethics of first-trimester abortions, since they are “easier” to defend from the pro-abortion advocate’s perspective.  This is because the vast majority of the population is unaware of how … Continue reading

New Minnesota Law that Allows for Postnatal Abortions Takes Effect

For the unborn, surviving an abortion may no longer be enough to escape death. As pro-abortion legislation continues to become increasingly more radical, babies that survive an attempted abortion are now in jeopardy.  According to a new law that recently … Continue reading

Illinois Set to Spend $23M on ‘Abortion Programs’

As of Monday, July 31st, 2023, Illinois is set to “invest” $23 million into promoting abortion.  Out of this $23 million, $10 million will be directed towards creating an abortion hotline dedicated to connecting callers with abortion clinics to schedule … Continue reading

Doctors Perform First-Ever Successful Brain Surgery on Fetus

Considering that the unborn are consistently referred to as “not human” or a “clump of cells” in the postmodern age, one would likely assume that performing a complex operation such as brain surgery on a fetus would be impossible.  Many … Continue reading

Corporations and Abortion: The Most Extreme Cases

Unfortunately, big corporations conforming to societal demands is a reality in today’s culture. Whether it be in the form of mindlessly supporting movements completely unrelated to the business or aggressively reminding consumers of their stance on LGBT issues during the … Continue reading