New CDC Data Show Late-Term Abortion Isn’t So Rare After All

When it comes to conversations surrounding abortion, most discussions trend towards the ethics of first-trimester abortions, since they are “easier” to defend from the pro-abortion advocate’s perspective. 

This is because the vast majority of the population is unaware of how a fetus develops, much less realities such as a heartbeat being detected as early as 6 weeks. Since many voters are unable to picture what a human being looks like at such a young age, pro-abortion advocates are able to portray these people as nothing more than a “clump of cells” that lacks any “human characteristics.”

Though the pro-abortionist argument does not hold up at any point during an unborn baby’s life (since it makes no sense to say that a person can be both human and non-human in the same lifetime) it appears more “defendable” during earlier stages to the general public because they cannot envision what a first-trimester baby looks like. However, as that time frame shifts towards the end of a pregnancy, especially when it goes beyond the point of recorded premature births, the atrocity of abortion becomes even more clear. 

Essentially, though abortion is just as morally heinous at conception as birth because both babies are human, pro-abortionists attempt to deceive the masses by stripping early-term babies of their personhood and silencing the conversation around late-term abortions. This is because pro-abortion advocates know that discussing late-term abortions at length would completely expose their entire movement for what it is. 

As some examples of this phenomenon, former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki recently tweeted that “no one supports abortion up until birth.” Planned Parenthood called late-term abortion “pure anti-abortion propaganda.”

However, these statements are not only incorrect, but also a cover-up. According to a 2020 CDC report, over 40,000 abortions were performed in the second and third trimesters. Though they are certainly a smaller percentage when compared to first-trimester abortions, these figures seem to be in conflict with the statements above. 

Unfortunately, this cover-up is intentional. Pro-abortion advocates know that abortion at its core is completely indefensible. Romans 1 speaks of those who “suppress the truth in unrighteousness.” They choose to ignore the blatant logical inconsistencies of the pro-abortion stance and throw up smokescreens when pressed about the issues with their position. This is because, for many, abortion is a business. 

Organizations like Planned Parenthood bring in huge amounts of revenue from abortion, and so their incentive lies with promoting it as much as possible. For these abortionists, more abortions are always better, no matter the consequences. This is why the abortion movement is so hostile to alternative options to abortion (such as crisis pregnancy centers), despite claiming to be “pro-choice.”

Ultimately, the goal the pro-abortion movement is to perform as many abortions as possible without regard to other factors. Abortionists know that this agenda would not sit well with voters, and so they turn to deception as a means to further their reach in society. The time is now for the pro-life movement to expose the horrid atrocity that is the abortion industry and render it indefensible.