Science of Life


Conception – It’s a brown haired, green eyed girl! At the moment of conception, your baby’s sex, hair color, eye color, skin color, and body type have been determined. The baby has a unique DNA that will never again be repeated in the history of the world!


1 week old

I may be only 1 week old but my brain, spinal cord, heart, and stomach tract are just beginning to develop.


3-4 Weeks old

Can your heart beat about 100 times a minute? Mine can! My heart began beating about 18 days after conception.


5-6 weeks old

My brainwaves are already detectible! I’m practicing how to communicate and I’m just barely 5 weeks old.


9 weeks old

I can’t wait until I learn how to count so I can use my newly formed fingers and toes to do addition and subtraction!


10 weeks old

I’m often compared to the size of a kumquat when I’m 10 weeks old. I prefer to be compared to something a little cooler… like a baby kiwi or a tiny sweet clementine.


11 weeks old

Pink is in right? I’d like to paint my newly forming nails with a hip color!


12 weeks old

I’ve got to start thinking about getting a hair cut because its just starting to appear. My new nickname is going to be “fuzzy.”


14 weeks old

Take me on down to the county jail…. Kidding. I just really want to use my newly formed fingerprints!


16 weeks old

No more short jokes after 16 weeks! I may only be 4 ½ inches but I’m about to hit a HUGE growth spurt.


18-20 weeks old

We’re halfway there and guess what? If you want to figure out if I’m a boy or girl, head on in for an ultrasound!

OUCH! My pain sensation structures are functioning. Don’t pinch me because that hurts!


21 weeks old

Can you feel me dancing, Mom? Play me some music and I will boogie! Mom, your sweet voice lulls me to sleep. Wait… we have a dog? I can hear him barking!


26 weeks old

Working out isn’t as much fun now that my sweat glands are functioning!


28 weeks old

I’m around 14 inches long! I’ve been practicing my breathing so I’ll have nice strong lungs when I’m born. See me batting my eyelashes at you?


31 weeks old

I’m 8 months old and it’s getting a little cramped in here for my workout routine! I’m about 16 and ¾ inches long now.


35 weeks old

Dad, quick scare me. I’ve got the hiccups!


39 weeks old

I’m ready to move out of the womb and into your arms. I can’t wait to meet you!

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