How to Apply

To apply for Project Love:

  1. Contact your local pregnancy help center and ask if they have the Project Love grant application on file.
    1. If they do — tell them you would like to apply. You will need to work with a counselor who will fill out and submit your application for you.
    2. If they do not — tell them you would like to apply for Project Love and will need the assistance of one of their counselors to do so. To obtain the application, they can download it below. If they have any questions, they can also call Illinois Right to Life at 312.422.9300 or email [email protected].
  2. Fill out the Project Love application with your counselor. The application can be downloaded here (at the link below) and filled out by your counselor, online or in print.
  3. Have your counselor submit your application to [email protected]. After submission, your application will be reviewed by the Project Love committee, and you should receive a response within a week or less.

FOR COUNSELORS: Here are links so you can download the APPLICATION and a GUIDE ON HOW TO APPLY

Your counselor can fill out the application online or in print. When your application is complete, please have them submit it to: [email protected].