Project Love Testimonies

For over 20 years, Project Love has come to the rescue of hundreds of pregnant women and single mothers in crisis situations, offering them financial support, hope, and peace of mind. Here is what some of these women had to say about Project Love:

“I want to thank all of you for the wonderful kind acts you do every day!! I was going through a hard time a few months ago and I was very sick…Project Love extended their love and kindness to me! I really appreciate it and I am doing fantastic now!! Thank you for being there for me!!” – Ashley

“Life has its trying moments; thank you for your trust in me, cordiality and unique support in helping me. Your gift is an invaluable asset in helping me reach my dream….Please accept my thanks for all that you’ve done for me!!” – Nikki

“Thank you for the check to help cover my rent. It came at a much needed time and I really appreciate the help Project Love offers to new moms. I’m blessed with a beautiful baby boy that came only a few days after your letter…I hope to one day be in the position to help others like myself.” – Jacqueline

“I just want to say thank you to you and the other wonderful people of Project Love. The money you guys sent to the mortgage company has helped me save my home! Saying thank you just isn’t enough! I am so happy that there are people in this world as nice as you and hope to pay this favor forward as soon as I am able.” – Jessica

“My children and I are so appreciative. Our Nicor was recently disconnected and it now can be restored. As soon as this baby is born hopefully I will be able to go back to work.” – Cheryl

“Thank you for your prayers and for the financial help. I am moving into my place today and wouldn’t be able to do this without your help and others like you. My baby is due in 2 months and now I can really get ready for her arrival.” – Brittney

“Thanks for your help and care for my baby…We can stay in the trailer and have a home. Otherwise, we live in the street. I thank God for you, you are always in my prayers.” – Jane

“It is so nice to know there are people out there who care enough to help out single mothers when they sometimes have nowhere else to turn. My baby was born…He is a healthy baby boy and is the joy of my life. Thanks again.” – Sarah

“I have to thank you all for helping my family and I by paying a portion of my rent. My children and I really appreciate it. Times are very hard for me right now as a single parent of four, but I’m very positive and I know that God always has someone near willing to help. I thank the Lord for people like you.” – Anna

“Thank you for helping me pay my car for this month…Your generosity has been a lifesaver. As a mother of two kids I am struggling to pay all my bills and this help I have from Project Love has made me happy for the month of April. I am thankful for the help I have received from Project Love. My children and I thank you very much for your generosity.” – Tasha

“Thank you very much for helping me in this difficult time. It has been very stressful trying to do this alone, as a single mother. I have been blessed with the help of family to help care for my little miracle…I plan on going to school to become a phlebotomist! I’ve had the worst luck in my life on top of dealing with a bad back among other medical challenges. Needless to say I plan on turning things around so I can be the best mother possible!” – Clare

“I was very excited, blessed, thankful and lucky to come across people so nice, so caring and so willing to help without looking at race, age or any other category… I am a single mom of a 2 year old boy Jake, and a 5 month old baby girl Angela. My kids have no fault of anything. They are my little angels and I promise you and them I will move on and provide a brighter future by getting back to nursing school.” – Veronica