Find help, hope, and healing

healing-2Have you had an abortion? Do you feel guilt or regret? Are you an abortion clinic worker or a man and assisted in an abortion?

We can help.

An overwhelming number of studies now show women and men who have had or been involved in an abortion can suffer severe or moderate post-abortion trauma.

If you or someone you love is suffering from the grief that follows an abortion, there is healing. Sometimes the grief begins right away. Sometimes the grief can be buried deep within our hearts for decades until the pain comes to light.

Wherever you are in your journey of healing, you’re not alone.

Some symptoms following an abortion can include depression (moderate or extreme), feeling alone, low self-esteem, feelings of guilt (moderate or extreme), inability to forgive yourself, regret, isolation, nightmares, drug or alcohol abuse, and suicide or suicidal thoughts.

If you would like to take the first step in healing from the pain that abortion has caused, we’re here for you. There are many healing retreats here in Illinois that are confidential, loving, and judgement free. Trained counselors can help you heal the suffering in your heart.

healing-man-2Project Rachel  is a ministry to help women and men heal from abortion. Take a look around their website. There are many chapters right here in Illinois. When you’re ready, give them a call. No commitment necessary. Just talk. You will be so glad you did.

Silent No More is an organization of women and men who have had or been involved in an abortion and suffered traumatic post-abortion stress. Through their journey of healing, they’ve shared their personal stories to help you heal. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them. You deserve to feel strong again and Silent No More can help you do just that.

Restore After Abortion is an Illinois based organization that provides free and confidential post-abortion care and post-abortion support services to women, men, and teens. These caring professionals are committed to helping those touched by abortion along a journey of hope and healing, and many of them have personally experienced abortions themselves. Their offices are located in the DuPage County area and surrounding communities. If you need healing or someone to talk to, call their helpline.

Deeper Still is an organization, based in Tennessee, with chapters throughout the U.S., including a chapter in Central IL. This is an evangelical healing ministry for both men and women, with retreats offered free of charge.

If you are an abortion clinic worker and are considering leaving, we can help. Confidential, loving, support is just a click away. ATTWN is an organization run by a former abortion clinic worker who left the abortion business after seeing an ultra sound of a unborn baby during an abortion. After leaving, she never looked back. She’s now here to provide you with the resources to find a positive, life-affirming career outside the abortion business. Give them a call. Or if you just want to talk give us a call – 312-422-9300. We have 100% confidential support just for you.