Why Do Women Have Abortions?

90% of women give multiple reasons for why they are seeking an abortion. The following are the most popular reasons women give according to the Guttmacher Institute, the research arm of Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provided in the country:

74% of women say a child would dramatically change their life in this way:

38% say a child would interfere with their education

38% say a child would interfere with their job

32% say they have other dependents

73% of women say they can’t afford a baby right now because:

42% say because they are unmarried

34% say because they are a student or are planning to study

28% say they can’t afford a baby and child care

23% say they can’t afford the basic needs of life

22% say because they are unemployed

48% of women who say they don’t want to be a single mom or are having relationship problems in this way:

19% say they are unsure about their relationship

11% say relationship may break up or end soon

38% of women say they have decided they’ve completed their childbearing years

32% say they are not ready for another child

25% say they do not want people to know they had sex or got pregnant

14% husband wanted her to have an abortion

6% say parents wanted her to have an abortion

12% say possible problems with their health

1% of women said they were aborting because they were raped

Less than .05% of women gave the reason because of incest

You can read the entire Guttmacher Institute study here.