Planned Parenthood Quick Facts: Did You Know?

Undercover journalists with the Center for Medical Progress have released 11 Shocking videos showing morally repulsive and horrific behavior by Planned Parenthood executives towards unborn children and their mothers.

It is imperative to stay informed of this barbaric scandal. To do so visit:

13 state and national investigations have been launched into Planned Parenthood as a result of the horrifying videos of their executives. 10 states have already removed state funding for Planned Parenthood. Stay informed on the scandal. Your tax money funds this corrupt corporation.

Planned Parenthood Quick Facts:

  • Planned Parenthood performs over 300,000 abortions a year.
  • No Illinois Planned Parenthood has a license from the state.
  • No Illinois Planned Parenthood has received a health inspection since 1999.
  • The Illinois government gave $45 million to Planned Parenthood in the past five years.
  • There are 16 Planned Parenthood clinics in Illinois.
  • 670 health clinics that do not perform abortions are alternatives to Planned Parenthood in Illinois.

The truth about Planned Parenthood needs to be made known to the public. Here’s what you can do to spread the word: please download our flier on Planned Parenthood, pass it out to your friends and group members, and spread it around your churches and universities.

You can download the full-page flier here.

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The flier is also available in Spanish.

You can download the full-page Spanish flier here.

You can download the half-page Spanish flier here.


Thank you for standing up in the defense of human life.