New Study Shows People Still Can’t Agree What “Abortion” Means

Considering that abortion remains one of the most polarizing topics in modern society, one would think that the term itself would be clearly defined by now. Surely if they were to so confidently assert that the answer is not conception, abortionists would be able to clearly articulate what the “correct” answer may be.

However, even after over half a century of deliberation, pro-abortion advocates still fail to define the word that they champion so passionately. However, a new study from the Guttmacher Institute which consisted of 60 in-depth interviews and 2,000 respondents in an online survey seemed to imply a significant amount of confusion surrounding the topic. 

For example, roughly one-third of respondents considered miscarriage intervention at 12 weeks an abortion whereas two-thirds did not. Though performing a necessary intervention in the tragic instance of a miscarriage is absolutely not an abortion, deceptive language from these advocates has attempted to paint it as such.

Simply put, the reason why they attempt to rope in miscarriage-related procedures is because they are a near-universally agreed-upon necessary procedure, and so by including it under the umbrella of abortion these advocates can demonize the pro-life community by saying that pro-life advocates oppose miscarriage procedures.

This example is only one of the many times abortionists have attempted to lie to the public. These advocates know that their agenda will not survive if examined from an unbiased perspective, and so they constantly attempt to present themselves as the arbiters of truth in order to further their false narratives.

Beyond the moral issues that arise with the aforementioned deception, there are several logical concerns that arise as well. In addition to the inconsistencies surrounding what constitutes an abortion or not in certain circumstances, the fundamental question of when the act of terminating a pregnancy shifts from an abortion to a murder remains unanswered.

Depending on who an individual asks, he or she may hear answers ranging from a heartbeat to birth and even beyond. Many abortionists will argue that abortion is an acceptable act up until “viability” but the criteria that determine such a term vary from person to person. Considering that unborn children live and die at the hands of abortion legislation, the fact that even the abortionists themselves cannot determine a consistent standard is nothing short of alarming.

One would think that perhaps these advocates may abstain from forcing through legislation until they could at least develop a consistent definition of the word abortion out of respect for basic reasoning, but their radicalism prevails.

The reality is, the pro-abortion movement was never concerned about logic and reasoning to begin with. Ultimately, the end goal of abortionists is to make abortion as widespread as possible, no matter what logic, reasoning, or the evidence may say. 

Unfortunately, these radical abortionists have run unchecked by the media, and so the duty to defend basic reasoning and moral principles rests on the pro-life community. The time is now for pro-life voices to be heard, and the need for God’s truth is more urgent than ever.