The Terrifying Precedent Set by Issue 1

Earlier this month, Ohio voters officially approved Issue 1, which will officially make abortion a constitutional “right” in the state. The final vote was 56% in favor of Issue 1 and 44% against it.  The language on the ballot itself … Continue reading

Missouri, Idaho and Kansas Sued the FDA over Chemical Abortion Drugs

Just recently, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey announced that Missouri, Idaho, and Kansas jointly filed lawsuits against the FDA over its allowance of the distribution of the dangerous chemical abortion drugs.  Specifically, the lawsuit targeted the FDA’s 2016 repeal of … Continue reading

What You Need to Know about Assisted Suicide in Illinois

Just like abortion, assisted suicide is an issue clouded by vague terminology and legislation, with the ultimate goal of performing it as often as possible. Originally “only” reserved for those with terminal illnesses, the never-ending expansion that its supporters so … Continue reading

24 Year-Old Woman Dies from Botched Abortion

If an abortion were truly a “safe” operation the horror stories of women having adverse or even lethal side effects should be nonexistent. Surely a procedure that many are advocating as a constitutional right would match its original description of … Continue reading

Abortionists in Arizona Look for Ways to Abort Disabled Children

As the abortion conversation continues in the United States, there is a particular moral dilemma that abortionists continuously sweep under the rug. Not often talked about is the fact that many pro-abortion advocates deem it perfectly acceptable to abort an … Continue reading