New Research Confirms that Unborn Babies Feel Pain as Early as 12 Weeks

Considering it is an objective reality that human life begins at conception, it should come as no surprise that unborn children begin to develop key human characteristics very early in a pregnancy. 

Just recently, two medical professionals published a paper confirming that unborn babies can feel pain as early as 12 weeks. 

This observation begs the question: if an unborn baby is capable of experiencing the horrendous pain that comes with abortion in the same way that another human being would experience pain whilst being attacked, what difference remains between them?

Surely these realities are too obvious to be overlooked, right? Considering the blatant scientific truths that one must oppose to support abortion, the only logical conclusion is to infer that these observations and truths are being suppressed intentionally.

Unfortunately, this is exactly the case. Given the fact that abortions are extremely profitable for the organizations that perform them, there is a heavy incentive to push them as much as possible. The logic is simple: abortion is a business. Organizations such as Planned Parenthood merely see the unborn as a path to profits and nothing more. Considering that Planned Parenthood makes $600 per first trimester and $700-$2000 for later-term abortions (per their own website), it makes sense why they would champion it so passionately.

Taking this line of thinking a step further, it also explains why they so desperately want the current medical qualifications required to perform an abortion to be reduced. Should this continue to happen, Planned Parenthood will then be able to further increase their margins by shifting towards a lower-paid staff with less qualifications.

The takeaway is clear: Planned Parenthood chases revenues at all costs while masquerading itself a champion for “human rights.” Because abortionists continue to paint abortion as something to be celebrated, organizations like Planned Parenthood can solely focus on earning the most revenue possible whilst not caring for the health and safety of women and still appear morally virtuous at the same time. 

So long as abortion is portrayed in a positive fashion, this vicious cycle will continue. The abortion movement will continue to drown in confirmation bias. Wanting parental notification is “dangerous”, requiring stricter qualifications for those performing abortions is “oppressive’, and so on and so forth.

Unfortunately, the abortion movement’s demands will never cease. Abortion clinics will continue to advocate for less restrictions, no matter the consequences. However, though most businesses are held accountable by the public if their pursuits directly conflict with the best interests of society, abortion clinics remain unchecked thanks to a sickening veil of moral virtuosity.

Ultimately, the burden falls on the pro-life movement to continue to expose the abortion industry for what it really is. So long as abortionists run unchecked, women and children will continue to suffer at alarming rates. The time to speak up is now; the truth must be told. The days of organizations like Planned Parenthood profiting off the deaths of the unborn must come to a halt.