Missouri, Idaho and Kansas Sued the FDA over Chemical Abortion Drugs

Just recently, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey announced that Missouri, Idaho, and Kansas jointly filed lawsuits against the FDA over its allowance of the distribution of the dangerous chemical abortion drugs. 

Specifically, the lawsuit targeted the FDA’s 2016 repeal of certain regulations regarding the drugs, its 2019 approval of generic mifepristone and its policy to allow chemical abortion pills to be sent through the mail.

Unfortunately, chemical abortions are only one of many avenues that abortionists are using to further their agenda. Beyond the horrendous moral implications of performing a chemical abortion, the drugs involved in the process (mifepristone and misoprostol) are flat-out dangerous to women. 

In fact, federal data links usage of these drugs in a chemical abortion with a 500% increase in emergency room visits from abortion-related injuries. See this quote from Dr. James Studnucki, the Vice President of Data Analytics for the Charlotte Lozier Institute:

“Women are far more likely to visit the emergency room following a chemical rather than surgical abortion.  The rate of these emergency room visits is growing remarkably fast.  It is therefore terrifying that the FDA is actively being pressured to eliminate longstanding public health safeguards on the abortion pill.  This comprehensive data advocates for the FDA to strengthen, rather than weaken, medical oversight of chemical abortion.”

However, abortion advocates continue to suppress these statistics. Even though the data clearly show that chemical abortions are most likely linked to severe medical consequences, abortionists brush it off as “misinformation”. It begs the question: why are pro-abortion advocates so nonchalant when it comes to the health and safety concerns that come with all forms of abortion?

The answer is simple: pro-abortion advocates only care about advancing abortion as much as possible. Their agenda consists of performing as many abortions as possible, at all costs. They have little regard for anything that could potentially inhibit this mission, which includes the health and safety of women. Simply put, abortion is a business. The pro-abortion movement is conveniently funded by the organizations that rake in the revenue from performing them. 

Ultimately, the abortion conversation will continue to grow more tense as time passes. The stakes will continue to rise as abortion advocates push for ballot initiatives. Thanks to the progressive bias in the mainstream media, the abortion business continues to run unchecked without question.

Because of this phenomenon, the time is now for pro-life advocates to speak up. The abortion industry’s lies have resulted in an insurmountable amount of damage to both women and the unborn.

Choosing life is the safest option for women and children, Abortion kills, and its physical and mental consequences run deep. Abortionists must be held accountable for their heinous actions.