24 Year-Old Woman Dies from Botched Abortion

If an abortion were truly a “safe” operation the horror stories of women having adverse or even lethal side effects should be nonexistent. Surely a procedure that many are advocating as a constitutional right would match its original description of aiming to be “safe, legal, and rare.” 

However, this is simply not the case. Not only is an abortion the unlawful killing of an innocent individual, but it is also extremely dangerous for the mother. Unfortunately, it is no surprise to hear of women being brutally injured by or even dying from abortion complications.

Just last week, per LifeNews, a 24-year-old woman died from severe abdominal complications after receiving an abortion four days prior. Though pro-abortion advocates love to dismiss these reports as “fake news,” the official cause of death for the woman was listed as “complications from septic abortion.”

Yet, even when blatant evidence is presented to them, abortionists love to sweep cases like these under the rug. Some may ask why these individuals would ever do such a thing if they truly cared about the well-being of women, but the answer is simple: abortionists do not care about the safety of women.

Simply put, the abortion movement rests upon a twisted moral framework that puts the individual pursuit of short-term convenience over all. This feeble “pursuit of happiness” trumps all else, including human life in terms of value. 

In fact, this very phenomenon is observable within pro-abortion circles: the same individuals that will champion a woman’s “right” to abort an unborn child up to birth because it is merely a “clump of cells” will console those close to them in the event of a miscarriage with phrases such as “I’m sorry for your loss.” The contradiction is obvious: how could the same individual celebrate the killing of an unborn child in one circumstance yet mourn its death in another?

The abortionist’s implied answer is deeply disturbing: whether the fetus is human or merely a “clump of cells” depends on if the child is wanted by his or her mother. No matter how a pro-abortion advocate may try to talk his or her way out of it, the phenomenon described above clearly indicates such a belief. 

Given that abortion is extremely dangerous and the logic supporting it is inconsistent at best, how does the abortion movement continue to maintain so much traction? The reality is, pro-abortion advocates know that their movement is only sustainable via immense deception. Though many of the extremists on the pro-abortion side are willing to make egregious moral compromises, they know that the implications of their beliefs would not hold up in public debate. This is why abortionists are so insistent on silencing any who oppose them. 

When held up to the lens of scrutiny, it becomes increasingly clear that the abortion movement is an aggressive attempt to establish a moral dictatorship in the minds of the public. In order to counter this movement, it is crucial that pro-life voices speak up and make the truth known. Abortionists do not protect women; they endanger them for their own gain.