Pro-Abortion Advocates Are Using a New Strategy in Conservative States

With more states continuing to restrict abortion and save lives, pro-abortion advocates are becoming increasingly desperate to strip away the rights of the unborn.

Since the Dobbs decision last June, an abortion has become considerably more difficult to obtain in the United States as a whole. Despite their attempts to discredit the basic assumption that a fetus is in fact a human life, that assumption seems to be prevailing throughout a large portion of the country.

In many traditionally conservative states, such as Missouri and Tennessee, abortion is banned completely, minus the exception for when the life of the mother is at risk. In other states like Georgia, abortion is outlawed after 6 weeks, making it very difficult to get one.

Unfortunately, pro-abortion advocates have devised a new plan to bring legal murder back to these states, as well as solidifying abortion in more progressive states for years to come.

Rather than attempting to go through the legislative process, these groups are taking their attempts to a new extreme. Their new strategy is to take abortion to the ballots as a state constitutional amendment. 

If a petition garners enough signatures in a state, it will appear on the next election’s ballot. The number of signatures varies per state. For example, in Missouri, the minimum number of signatures required for a constitutional amendment to appear on any 2022-2024 ballot is 171,592.

Though this process sounds outlandish at first, it is already garnering serious traction in several states. It is no surprise to hear that something of this nature would get enough signatures in a state like New York, but perhaps one may be surprised to hear it also garnered enough signatures in Ohio.

In the case of Ohio, this proposed amendment would guarantee a constitutional “right” to an abortion up until birth.

In addition to Ohio, Florida, Missouri, and South Dakota are targets for pro-abortion advocates, with petitions beginning to swirl in each of them.

The danger of these petitions is that if they are voted in on a ballot, they will be extremely difficult to remove. This is because abortion would become a fundamental part of the state’s constitution rather than a law, which is much more malleable. 

Going back to the Ohio case, a common practice for these petitioners is to use deceptive language to garner support. Though many Americans do unfortunately support abortion to some degree, a much smaller percentage support it up until birth, which is what the Ohio amendment would enable (even progressive sources such as NPR report this data).

These organizations know the power of manipulating a question, and they are fully willing to use it to push through amendments that the overwhelming majority of Americans do not support.

These phenomenon clearly underlines the inherent moral conflict that comes with abortion; if it truly were a morally neutral or even a “good” thing, there would be no need for so much deception and manipulation when creating policy for it. 

Recently, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker announced that Illinois will be restricting how much abortion data it shares, now no longer including the county Illinois residents live in or specifying if an abortion was performed on a mother and a child from outside the state. 

Unfortunately, deception will forever be intertwined with the pro-abortion movement because of the glaring moral issues that must be suppressed. For that reason among many others, the time is now to expose the abortion industry for what it really is.