Pro-Life Voter Guide by Illinois Right to Life Action

Tomorrow is Election Day. It’s our duty to carefully and prayerfully choose the local, state, and national leaders of our country. We need good people like you to be involved in politics. So when you go to the ballot box … Continue reading

Answers to Your Questions about Adoption

If you are in an unplanned pregnancy and the idea of parenting seems too overwhelming, adoption may be the perfect option for you. Below are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about adoption. While we don’t facilitate adoptions, … Continue reading

Illinois Right to Life Action Announces State Representative Jeanne Ives to Join Board of Directors

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Regina D’Amico 312-422-9300 ILLINOIS RIGHT TO LIFE ACTION ANNOUNCES STATE REPRESENTATIVE JEANNE IVES TO JOIN BOARD OF DIRECTORS October 30, 2018 (CHICAGO) – Illinois Right to Life Action (IRLA) announced on Friday at its 46th … Continue reading

Why Can’t America Get With It?

American progressives look to Western Europe as the model of what America should be. So, here’s an area of European social policy that progressives would definitely want to examine more closely: Europe’s attitude toward abortion. It happens to be much … Continue reading

Is abortion empowering for women?

If abortion is empowering for women, then it shouldn’t hurt them. Let’s see what science and women themselves have to say… What does science tell us? The most comprehensive and largest study of the mental health risks associated with abortion,was … Continue reading

The Abortion Issue Just Escalated in Illinois

The situation in Illinois just got hotter. First… Another abortion clinic has opened in our state. And get this… The abortion chain, Carafem, already has two clinics in Atlanta and outside Washington D.C. Now they have a clinic in Skokie. … Continue reading

Looking for a Pro-Life Doctor?

Are you looking for a pro-life doctor? A physician who recognizes the dignity of all human life and stands true to this principal in his or her practice? You’re not alone. We’ve received several requests to our office for this … Continue reading

My First 39 Weeks of Life

Conception! – It’s a brown haired, green eyed girl! At the moment of conception, your baby’s sex, hair color, eye color, skin color, and body type have been determined. The baby has a unique DNA that will never again be … Continue reading