Freeze the Ice Bucket Challenge for a Moment

We’ve all seen it. The ice bucket challenge has gone viral around social media. Once nominated by a friend via Facebook, you video yourself dumping a bucket of ice water on your head in an effort to raise awareness about Amyotrophic … Continue reading

Your Body, Your Employer, Your Abortion…Our Money?

In “My Body My Employer, My Abortion,” published July 8 in the Chicago Tribune, Ms. Loren Clark-Moe laments that, as a single 29 year old woman working for the federal government, she had to deal with the “restriction” of paying … Continue reading

Congratulations Amazon, You Sold Out Women’s Health for Money

Amazon has now wiggled its way in to receive a cut of the abortion industry’s multibillion-dollar profits. In January, Amazon began quietly selling Plan B, an abortion-inducing drug taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse.  Amazon began selling the abortion … Continue reading

A Closer Look At The U.S. Supreme Court’s Abortion Buffer Zone Ruling: A Case for Popping Chicago’s Own Bubble Zone?

Today, the United States Supreme Court unanimously struck down the Massachusetts Reproductive Health Care Facilities Act (The Act) as a violation the First Amendment. The Court’s majority opinion, penned by Justice Roberts determined: The Act restricts access to ‘public way[s]’ and ‘sidewalk[s],’ places that … Continue reading

You Have Choices: College

These days, everyone has a plan. We have goals and dreams and make plans to achieve them; we work jobs and go to college all so that we can have successful and happy lives. So what do we do when … Continue reading

24 Questions You Should Ask your Hospice

A hospice can be a great source of support and relief for both a patient and family members. Hospices provide care to patients with a terminal illness so the patient may live his or her remaining days as peacefully as … Continue reading