True or False? More women die from childbirth than abortion

Do more women die in child birth than from abortion? After the Supreme Court decision, Whole Women’s Health vs. Hellerstedt, in 2016, which struck down a Texas law that was enacted to protect the health and safety of women, pro-abortion advocates, … Continue reading

Illinois Pro-lifers: Keep Up Your Momentum!

We’re eager to tell you about the INCREDIBLE pro-life rally that took place on Wednesday. But before we do that, we need to give you two important updates on these dangerous abortion bills in the Illinois House and Senate: First … Continue reading

Fill out your witness slips here

To fill out your witness slip as an opponent to HB 2495, click here.  To fill out your witness slip as an opponent to HB 2467, click here.  But first… Here is how: (IMPORTANT: The next part is very simple, … Continue reading

Urgent: Two Things IL Pro-lifers Need to Do

1. Don’t forget SB 1594 is scheduled for a committee hearing tomorrow at 1pm. This is the senate version of HB 2467 which aims to repeal the Illinois Parental Notification Law for abortion and allow underage, minor girls to get … Continue reading

UPDATE: Witness slips and phone calls needed for SB1594

We have an urgent request: Please fill out a witness slip again and then call your state senator. One of the extreme and dangerous abortion bills is now being pushed through the Illinois Senate, and we need to stop it. … Continue reading