Ending Racial Disparities Within Maternal Healthcare

Racial disparities in regards to maternal healthcare within Illinois is, unfortunately, not new news. Just this past November, March of Dimes, a nonprofit organization that aims to aid in the health of mothers and babies, gave the state a D+ … Continue reading

Pro-Life Laws that Are on the Move Across the Nation

As the country opens back up, state legislatures are beginning to get back into action. While not much has been happening on the abortion law front in Illinois, other states have seen some notable legislative pieces cropping up. There are … Continue reading

Who are those Kids in Yellow?

If you’ve ever been to any kind of pro-life rally or protest in the Midwest or beyond, you may have noticed a joyful group of teenagers clad in yellow, carrying massive banners, leading chants and banging drums. These kids in … Continue reading

Seven Influential Black Pro-Life Advocates of Today

During this time in which protests, marches, and riots to end racism and the prejudices projected on black people are sweeping the nation, Illinois Right to Life would like to emphasize the importance of black lives and would like to … Continue reading

Exposing the Systemic Racism of Abortion

The sickening and unjust killing of George Floyd has catapulted the nation into a frenzied discussion about systemic racism. This past January the National Pro-Life Summit conducted a panel on the impact of abortion on the black community, and the … Continue reading

Three Reasons Why Planned Parenthood Does Not Support Black Lives

On June 1st, The International Planned Parenthood Federation / WHR uploaded a photo on Instagram that said in bold letters “RACISM IS A REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH ISSUE” and carried the caption, “Systemic racism and police brutality cannot be ignored. We need … Continue reading