Unmasking HBO’s New ‘Unpregnant’ Film

We’ve all experienced times of doubt in our lives: uncertainty, fear, not knowing what the next day holds for us. But who has more fear, anxiety, and turmoil than a young girl facing an unexpected pregnancy? Unpregnant is a new … Continue reading

Shrine Dedicated to Honor Aborted Children in Mexico

Last month, the Mexican Pro-Life Association, Los Inocentes de Maria (Mary’s Innocent Ones), dedicated a shrine in honor of all aborted children. The shrine is also known as Rachel’s Grotto and is meant to be a place where reconciliation can … Continue reading

Being a Pro-Life Professor in a Pro-Choice Culture

The first day of the fall semester is filled with excitement, anticipation, and probably a dose of fear for any student, but it was amplified for me because this wasn’t just the start to a new semester, it was my … Continue reading

It’s Time to STOP Sexualizing Children

Children are our future, and as such, they should be protected and nourished. Recently there has been an influx of questionable, if not extremely abominable, incidents occurring with children. Thankfully many of these incidents have not gone unnoticed. Pop stars, … Continue reading

Susan B. Anthony Pardoned by President Trump

On August 18th, 2020, the 100th anniversary of Women’s Suffrage, Donald Trump declared Susan B. Anthony was officially pardoned for her crime of illegally voting. Susan B. Anthony is a woman’s rights icon and lesser-known as an avid abolitionist. On … Continue reading