Urgent: Two Things IL Pro-lifers Need to Do

1. Don’t forget SB 1594 is scheduled for a committee hearing tomorrow at 1pm. This is the senate version of HB 2467 which aims to repeal the Illinois Parental Notification Law for abortion and allow underage, minor girls to get … Continue reading

UPDATE: Witness slips and phone calls needed for SB1594

We have an urgent request: Please fill out a witness slip again and then call your state senator. One of the extreme and dangerous abortion bills is now being pushed through the Illinois Senate, and we need to stop it. … Continue reading

Pro-Life Rally in Springfield: Everything you Need to Know!

HB 2495 and HB 2467 implement EXTREME abortion legislation in the state of Illinois. These bills put Illinois babies, vulnerable women, and underage girls at risk. (For more information on HB 2495 and HB 2467, click here.) The time to … Continue reading

Illinois pro-lifers: 40 Days For Life Needs You

Champaign, Downers Grove, Flossmoor, Skokie, and Springfield. Are you near any of these Illinois locations? If so, or your willing to make the trek, we’ve got a mission for you… Be a peaceful and prayerful witness for life outside an … Continue reading

Fill out Your Witness Slip, Right Here, Right Now

HB 2495 and HB 2467 are scheduled for a hearing. These abortion bills are the most dangerous and extreme I have ever seen while working in our state capitol. In a nut-shell, this bill package will: allow abortion throughout all … Continue reading

New Extreme Abortion Legislation Comes to Illinois

Today, the American Civil Liberty Union of Illinois’ announced that two pro-abortion bills will be introduced to the state legislature this week. Lawmakers sponsoring the proposed legislation aim to repeal the Illinois Abortion Law 1975 and the Illinois Parental Notice … Continue reading

Live in Chicago? Get your voter guide!

The Chicago nonpartisan election is on February 26, 2019, so we have your voter guide ready. You can go to right now to download and print yours. We take ours right into the voting booths with us. It’s our civic and our moral … Continue reading