The Eradication of Women?

By now, most of us have heard the jokes and seen the memes regarding Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s “I’m not a biologist” comment at last week’s U.S. Supreme Court confirmation hearings. In case you missed it, when asked by Senator … Continue reading

Escaping the Abortion Industry

A story of so many of the difficulties of our world: child molestation, teen rape, repeated abortions, drugs, eating disorders- you name it. Kelly Lester’s story is one of experiencing the unimaginable in her life and ultimately finding her way … Continue reading

Dennis Prager at OUR Banquet!

Illinois Right to Life is excited to announce our keynote speaker for our 53rd annual Leaders for Life Banquet: Dennis Prager. Not only will he be speaking at our banquet, we also had him on our Life Chat podcast with … Continue reading

Kids Know.

Kids know. I love talking to people around Illinois about how we can save babies in our state as well as how we can best help women experiencing crisis pregnancies, but I most enjoy learning from the kids. Last week, … Continue reading

Abby Johnson: Fierce Mercy

Fierce Mercy: Those two words together might seem ironic. If you think about it, fierce doesn’t seem to be a good adjective to describe mercy, does it? Well, Abby Johnson disagrees. Our executive director Amy Gehrke interviewed Abby Johnson on … Continue reading

Ask Amy: How is it possible to obtain a free abortion?

Amy, If you are above the Medicaid poverty level, how is it possible to obtain a free abortion?          –Maggie Maggie — Obtaining a taxpayer-funded abortion in Illinois is incredibly simple whether you’re an Illinois resident or not. Why? Illinois’s incredibly … Continue reading

Chocolate, Roses, Storybook Romance, and Respect for Life

It’s February, and we are awash in hearts, chocolates, roses, and the hope of storybook romance.  While we can all appreciate starry eyes and moonlit nights, true love often doesn’t look like a Valentine’s Day greeting card. Sometimes love is … Continue reading