Single Motherhood: What The Pro-Life Movement Has Done To Help Women Like Anna

Sometimes the most beautiful, inspiring stories seem the simplest from the outside. I met Anna Flock at our first-ever Ground Zero Tour last October. She had nothing but good things to say about the pro-life movement and Illinois Right to Life in particular.

Like many of the people who attend our events, Anna follows Illinois Right to Life on social media and told me that she was so encouraged by the direction we are taking the pro-life movement in Illinois. Once I talked a little more to her about what she meant by that, she revealed to me that she is a single mother who had once considered abortion and what we are doing and posting on social media would have really resonated with her.

“I didn’t have the resources, I was a mess of a person, but in my heart of hearts, I knew that this baby was a page-turner to me. I knew that he was something God gave me and that I wanted to keep.”

As Anna uncovers her beautiful story on our latest episode of Life Chat, she also reveals long-held misconceptions about the pro-life movement and how Illinois Right to Life, in particular, has helped dispel some of those myths.

“Seeing you guys out there educating people, teaching people about life, it’s just so encouraging. It’s what people like me need… and I’m going to be there to do anything I can to help and share my story with somebody who might think they can’t do it.”

Anna’s testimony and staunch belief that we need to be there for the women in Illinois more than ever. If you are interested in hearing her full story, please listen here. If you would like to get involved with the work we are doing here in Illinois, consider donating or signing up for our email list here.