Making Time for Pro-Life Activism: Our Ground Zero Tour in SPRINGFIELD!

Every time we host a Ground Zero Tour, the team at Illinois Right to Life is always excited for the new opportunities we will encounter and people we will meet.

Last Thursday’s event in Springfield was no exception. Among the passionate and outspoken people who asked engaging questions with us, Sarah Aurelia—a psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner—wanted to know how to take her pro-life activism to a new level.

“How can an average person with a full life still make time for pro-life activism?”

Well, at the Ground Zero Tour event, we presented a few of the many ways pro-lifers can make their own personal stand for life:

  1. Following organizations like Illinois Right to Life on social media and sharing our posts.
  2. Taking advantage of pro-life volunteer opportunities like IRL’s upcoming Days of Action.
  3. Sharing the pro-life message with friends and family.
  4. Donating to IRL and other organizations.
  5. Praying for our work.

Aurelia was so moved by the event that she promoted it on her Instagram page (@sarahlaurelia) and encouraged people to attend future tour dates: “All Illinoisians and Midwesterners should seek the opportunity to learn how to share truth and save lives by attending the GZT. It was fun, educational, and wonderful to connect with other people who are about saving lives.”

Her passion for ending abortion is obvious in her words: “I learned the pro-choice’s closet contains more than [63] million babies’ skeletons. Unfortunately, the same demons disguised as public healthcare policies that operate under the guise of choice will continue the death count even in a post Roe v. Wade world.” 

We encourage you to consider coming to one of our events in the next few weeks!

03/03/22 – Thursday – Sugar Grove, IL

03/10/22 – Thursday – Collinsville, IL

03/29/22 – Tuesday – Quincy, IL

For more information or to sign up for these free events, visit our webpage.