The Abortion Issue Just Escalated in Illinois

The situation in Illinois just got hotter. First… Another abortion clinic has opened in our state. And get this… The abortion chain, Carafem, already has two clinics in Atlanta and outside Washington D.C. Now they have a clinic in Skokie. … Continue reading

Looking for a Pro-Life Doctor?

Are you looking for a pro-life doctor? A physician who recognizes the dignity of all human life and stands true to this principal in his or her practice? You’re not alone. We’ve received several requests to our office for this … Continue reading

My First 39 Weeks of Life

Conception! – It’s a brown haired, green eyed girl! At the moment of conception, your baby’s sex, hair color, eye color, skin color, and body type have been determined. The baby has a unique DNA that will never again be … Continue reading

Life Chain is this Sunday

It’s this Sunday! For 31 years now, thousands of pro-lifers throughout the United States and Canada have been coming together, rain or shine, on Life Chain Sunday, to offer a peaceful and prayerful public witness for life. For 90 minutes, … Continue reading

This is How we Know Abortion Hurts Men

The different roles men play in the abortion experience often affects if, when, and how they are impacted by the abortion. Sometimes the suffering is immediate – and other times, it manifests itself years later. One thing, though, is for … Continue reading

2018 Illinois General Election Voter Guide

The Illinois general election is approaching. We know that political elections can be overwhelming. That’s why Illinois Right to Life Action has carefully put together a fantastic voter guide to help you in your decision making. Check it out right here, at … Continue reading

Get Ready for 40 Days for Life!

The momentum is building. Pro-lifers across the world are gearing up for a global and incredibly powerful pro-life endeavor. The energy is ramping up in Illinois too. Here’s why… On Wednesday, September 26, 2018, 40 Days for Life will kick of … Continue reading

Pro-life Events This Weekend

This weekend, our executive director, Mary Kate Knorr, will be attending and speaking at two, great pro-life events, and we’d love for you to join us. First, get your walkin’ shoes on. This Saturday (September 22nd), Mary Kate will be … Continue reading