It starts today!

We just want to remind you that it starts today. On the Fridays of each week, from today (August 3rd) through September 28th, pro-lifers across the country will be praying the Novena for the Legal Protection of Human Life. Please … Continue reading

Will you pray?

Will you pray with us? You and I both know the power of prayer. It’s time to use it. On Fridays of each week, from August 3rd to September 28th, we are joining a special nationwide call to prayer, coordinated … Continue reading

We’re hiring!

We are hiring! As we continue to grow in size and influence, we continue to add to our great team. We’re looking for people who have the passion, the fire, and the experience to help us continue Illinois Right to … Continue reading

The Abortion Pill: What You Should Know

Glamour Magazine calls it the DIY abortion. Planned Parenthood makes it look like it’s as easy as popping two pills. The striking number of medication abortions in our state and its growing popularity nationwide forecast the possibility this may be a growing … Continue reading

True or False: More women die from child birth than abortion

Do more women die in child birth than from abortion? After the Supreme Court decision, Whole Women’s Health vs. Hellerstedt, in 2016, which struck down a Texas law that was enacted to protect the health and safety of women, pro-abortion advocates, … Continue reading

Brittney Campbell: An unexpected journey to choosing life

Faced with homelessness, lack of support, and fear of what was to come, Brittney contemplated having an abortion after finding out she was pregnant. Hear Brittney tell her personal story of the decision she faced and the choice she made, … Continue reading

The HHS needs to hear your support for the Protect Life Rule

We need you to give your input, ASAP. The Trump administration recently announced their new Protect Life Rule (also known as the Compliance with Statutory Program Integrity Requirements). Here’s why we need you: The Protect Life Rule involves new HHS … Continue reading

At Issue: The ERA

On Thursday, July 19, 2018, Mary Kate Knorr, our executive director, was featured in a televised segment for At Issue with H Wayne Wilson, on the PBS network. In this segment, Mary Kate was joined by Elise Bouc, Chairman of … Continue reading