New Minnesota Bill Repeals Protections for Babies that Survive Abortions

Since before the days of the original Roe v. Wade decision, abortion activists have ferociously defended the idea that a fetus is not equal in value to a human life, but rather is something lesser. Though this notion creates an arbitrary distinction of when human life truly “begins”, it has remained a prominent talking point nonetheless. 

However, the suppression of truth required to come to this conclusion reveals a much darker agenda than a glaring logical inconsistency: a complete devaluation of innocent human life. Specifically, the inherent, God-given value of a child is stripped away and replaced with a value dependent on how “wanted” or “inconvenient” a baby may be.

Given this removal of value, it becomes increasingly clear that the clump-of-cells cover-up is precisely that: a cover-up. The abortion conversation has much less to do with the true status of a fetus, but rather it is an underlying refusal to accept the inherent value of each and every individual, no matter the circumstances. 

Unfortunately, the unborn pay the price of this sad delusion. Considering that popular narratives paint the value of a fetus as conditional, late-term and post-natal abortions have become increasingly popular in recent years. Even birth itself is no longer the objective standard of when human life begins. 

On May 22nd, the Minnesota State legislature passed a new health bill (SF 2995) that repeals previous measures to protect infants and provide additional support for struggling pregnant women. In addition, subtle language changes state that born-alive infants (including those that previously survived attempted abortions) now must receive “care,” which is a distinct contrast to the previous law that stated medical professionals must “preserve the life” (see here, page 217, lines 29-30). This follows the passage of the Protect Reproductive Options Act in January, which legalized full-term abortions in the state of Minnesota (see here).

Though the logical flaws of late-term and post-natal abortions are painfully obvious, their consequences reach far beyond Minnesota’s borders. Also on May 22nd, a woman in Manhattan was arrested after attempting to abandon her infant in a trash can (per the New York Post). Fortunately, police found the baby boy in time and were able to rescue him. The woman is now being charged with reckless endangerment of a child. Similar incidents were also reported in New Mexico and Iowa earlier in the year (per

Meanwhile, in Madison, Nebraska, the story is even more disturbing. On May 22nd, an 18-year-old woman was arrested for taking abortion pills to kill her unborn child, who was 29 weeks old at the time (find the story here). The woman also allegedly set the dead fetus on fire before disposing of it in a field as an attempt to hide the body. In Nebraska, abortion is illegal beyond 20 weeks. 

As this new narrative that further blurs the definition of human life becomes more popular, babies of slightly older ages will begin to face more danger. When the value of a human life is both conditional and dependent on the feelings of other individuals, radical activists will continue to push the line further and further. 

Ultimately, the only way to avoid this horrid slippery slope is to recognize the objective infinite value that every life carries. This value is God-given, and without the objective framework it entails, chaos is bound to ensue.