New Study Says 67% of Post-Abortive Women Report a Lack of Confidence in Their Decision

Even for women who believe that a fetus is not a human being, an abortion is still a heavy decision. Logically, it shouldn’t be if the fetus truly holds no value, however this is simply not the case in reality.

Perhaps it is an indicator of a deeper, God-given moral conscience that inherently knows a fetus is a human life. Regardless, there is a dark reality of a woman’s decision to have an abortion that continues to go unnoticed: coercion.

Though modern narratives attempt to paint the decision to terminate a pregnancy as an “empowering” moment for women, new data suggests otherwise. According to a new study conducted on 226 women who had previously had an abortion, only 33% reported having confidence in their decision (you can find the study here).

This indirectly implies that the majority of women were unsure at best about terminating their pregnancies. In fact, in the same study, 60% of women stated they would have preferred to have the baby if they had better support systems around them. These same women also cited the termination of their pregnancies as a root cause of eventual mental health struggles.

One may wonder why an organization would have any incentive to persuade a woman to terminate her pregnancy. Unfortunately, the answer is saddening: for companies like Planned Parenthood, abortion is a business.


A graph displaying data points from Planned Parenthood, per the Lozier Institute


According to Planned Parenthood themselves, the average first-trimester abortion costs around $600, while second-trimester abortions can range from $700-$2000, depending on the timing (see here). Considering they performed 374,155 abortions in their 2021-22 fiscal year (per page 11 of Planned Parenthood’s annual report), it is easy to see why Planned Parenthood defends terminating pregnancies so fiercely. The destruction of unborn lives is one of their major revenue streams, and so Planned Parenthood’s incentive lies with performing as many abortions as possible at all costs. The time to speak up is now; this horribly corrupt business model must be exposed for what it really is.