From Crisis Pregnancy Counseling With Let Them Live To Communications With Democrats For Life

Some people say that crisis pregnancy counseling and working on the legislative side of the pro-life movement cannot be combined. They take two different kinds of personalities, two different kinds of people, right?

Well, not according to Jess Meeth!

Jess worked for Let Them Live- a crisis pregnancy counseling organization- for about a year before beginning and flourishing at her current position as National Director of Communications of Democrats for Life.

Jess Meeth has a heart for women and their unborn babies, which naturally led her to a lead role in crisis pregnancy counseling. Jess devoted herself to these women for almost a year: listening to their struggles and heartbreak, sharing their joy when they gave birth.

Eventually, however, Jess recognized another need. This need is for pro-life and ALL-life legislation. This is what led her to her position at Democrats for Life. As National Communications Director, Jess daily works to track pro-life and anti-life legislation, promote pro-life Democrats, as well as restore life-affirming principles to the Democratic platform..

Listen to this Life Chat episode with Jess Meeth to hear about the controversial question: Can a Democrat really be pro-life?

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