Learn More About Our Birthday Celebration!

It’s Coming Soon….…
Here at Illinois Right to Life, we are getting ready to celebrate our 52nd birthday, and we would like you to celebrate right along with us!
How? With gifts! For a friend, loved one, or even yourself. What’s most special about these gifts is that you won’t only be treating someone special (or yourself), you’ll be helping the lifesaving work of Illinois Right to Life, as well!
Although we began our life saving work much earlier, Illinois Right to Life was officially incorporated on March 30th of 1970.
Since then Illinois Right to Life has made tremendous strides. Our many programs include:
  • Project Love, which has awarded over half a million dollars in grants to mothers in need,
  • The Life Chat podcast that is reaching thousands of listeners each month with the truth of life,
  • Our Heart2Heart education program that is training the pro-life leaders of tomorrow,
  • The Ground Zero Tour, which is preparing pro-life citizens for a post-Roe Illinois,
  • IRL’s groundbreaking strategic plan to win our state for life.
Every bit of our lifesaving educational work happens because of your generosity. What better way to celebrate our work (and our birthday!) than with a gift for you and yours that will allow our mission to win Illinois for life, one heart at a time, to continue!
With Mother’s Day, graduations, weddings, and more just around the corner this is the perfect way to complete your shopping while helping to make Illinois a pro-life state again. 40% of every purchase comes back to Illinois Right to Life!
Even better, this fundraiser is being run with the help of Cherrydale, a fundraising company whose roots are grounded in respect for life.
Start your shopping today! This is one birthday celebration where the presents will help save lives.