Another Lawsuit Filed Over SB 1564

NEWS RELEASE: Doctor, multiple pregnancy care centers file federal suit over Illinois mandate to promote abortion Reprinted with permission from: Alliance Defending Freedom ROCKFORD, Ill. – Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing multiple pregnancy care centers, a pregnancy care center network, and … Continue reading

Take a look at this FRAUD

Recently, the abortion industry has been fighting hard to bring about the repeal of the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits the use of federal tax dollars to fund abortions through Medicaid, except in rare cases. One initiative they’ve been pushing to … Continue reading

Happy 40th to this Life-Saver!

2 million people. That’s about the entire population of New Mexico. That’s also about the entire population of Rhode Island and Delaware combined! But why does this number matter?   According to a study conducted by Dr. Michael J. New … Continue reading

Abortion…A Catholic Social Justice Value?

On the morning of Monday, September 12, 2016, many Illinoisans, particularly Catholics, were outraged when they opened up the newspaper. A full-page ad, paid for by an organization called “Catholics for Choice,” was published in the Chicago Sun-Times and the … Continue reading

Will you drive 79 miles for Planned Parenthood?

Yes. It’s official. Another one bites the dust. Just last week, it was announced that Planned Parenthood of Illinois’ (PPIL) Effingham clinic, located at 415 West Virginia Ave., permanently closed its doors on August 30, 2016. As the Effingham Daily … Continue reading

How to tell your classmates you’re pro-life

Okay, so you’re a student. You have many classes penciled into your day to day schedule: Math, Reading, Science, Spanish, … the whole nine yards. Perhaps you have several different teachers too. Odds are you have twenty times as many … Continue reading

Zika in Illinois: Is Abortion A Solution?

You’ve most likely heard about it. It’s the Zika virus. Now, according to recent reports, it has come to Illinois. Over this past year, the virus has caused both concern and controversy throughout the country and parts of the world. … Continue reading

Safe Haven Laws: Something We All Need to Know

Earlier this week, our hearts were broken as we learned of a newborn infant found dead and abandoned along the side of a road in Wheaton, IL. According to the Daily Herald, officials report that the baby had been likely … Continue reading

Is Fetal Tissue Linked to Medical Cures?

Congressional Report: ‘Fetal Tissue Has Not Been Directly Linked to a Single Medical Cure’ Reprinted with permission from:    Fetal tissue has not been directly linked to a single medical cure in 90 years of fetal tissue research, according … Continue reading