Democratic Politicians Want Abortion with No Restrictions, But What Does America Want?

Democratic presidential candidates may not be able to agree on everything, but last week’s debate proved they’re unanimously in support of abortion. In fact, the presidential candidates sought to one-up each other and flaunt their abortion advocacy.

The debate saw responses like Elizabeth Warren’s “abortion is a human right” and Amy Klobuchar’s “we should codify Roe v. Wade into law.” Senator Julián Castro even responded to the abortion question by endorsing a government-funded health-care plan that would cover abortions for everyone.

In light of these candidates’ attempt to show the extreme measures they are willing to take all for the sake of “women’s rights,” the true opinion of the American people needs some investigation. After all, these politicians should, for the most part, represent the American population. Through numerous polls and surveys, the nation’s overall opinions about abortion has been probed. And, the findings of these polls would likely baffle the presidential candidates.

The truth is, contrary to what these Democrat politicians believe, Americans aren’t rallying in support of unrestricted abortion access. According to this poll, 65% of Americans believe that states should make certain restrictions on abortions.

In a different study, when asked about the legality of abortion based on gestational age, people were widely against abortion after the first trimester. More specifically, the study revealed that 72% of Americans generally don’t believe abortion should be legal after the first trimester. Further, an overwhelming 87% are against legality in the third trimester. When it comes down to it, many Americans are not on-board with legislation that permits on-demand abortions up through birth.

And what about the women of America? During the debate last week, Amy Klobuchar assumed that American women will gladly support the Democratic Party because of its stance on abortion. But is she correct? Perhaps Klobuchar wouldn’t be so quick to assume a woman’s party preference if she knew that women are actually more likely than men to support restrictions on abortion.

It would seem that Klobuchar and her fellow democratic politicians are demanding a future where it is a right to receive abortions on-demand, at any time, for any reason. The problem is, they are demanding a future which majority of Americans really don’t want.