Will Abortion Help You … or Can it Hurt You?

If abortion is empowering to women, then it must not hurt women. Let’s see what science and women themselves have to say:   What does science tell us?   The most comprehensive and largest study of the mental health risks … Continue reading

When Does Life Begin? Let’s ask the Experts …

Let’s turn to the leading scientific textbooks to find out when life begins. Check it out: Keith L. Moore, a world-renowned embryologist and author of the best selling textbook: The Developing Human: Clinically Oriented Embryology (10th edition, Philadelphia, PA: Sauders, … Continue reading

Pro-life Bills? Here’s the scoop

Are pro-life bills being proposed in the Illinois General Assembly? You bet they are! Here are the pro-life bills that were proposed this year:   HB 4392 – This bill would enable choose life license decals to be placed on license plates. This bill is led by Rep. Robert Pritchard (R) … Continue reading

Pro-Life, Pro-Family Policies: Coming to a Work Place Near You

This week, employees of the Archdiocese of Chicago received some great news! The Archdiocese announced that beginning July 1st, all staff will be offered paid parental leave for 12 weeks after the birth or adoption of a child. According to … Continue reading

Our Pro-Life Leaders in Springfield

They’ve prevented hundreds of abortions. They keep Illinois from becoming a hostile pro-life state like California. Who are they? They are your pro-life lobbyists. These pro-life leaders are in Springfield day in and day out fighting to be your voice … Continue reading

An evening with a pro-life hero

Download your professional photo with David Daleiden here! On Tuesday, April 26, 2016, Illinois Right to Life celebrated our 48th Annual Banquet, Leaders for Life, in Glen Ellyn, IL. It was a great honor to have David Daleiden, the man … Continue reading

Beware of these bills!

They’re ugly… Right now, an ominous group of anti-life bills is being proposed to the Illinois General Assembly. Some are about to be voted on, and they all directly affect you. Here are the proposed bills. Please read through them … Continue reading

The Illinois Primary Election: What’s at Stake?

Tuesday, March 15th, is a big day for Illinois. All across the state, Illinoisans will emerge from their communities, line up at the ballot boxes, and cast their votes during an election year that holds tremendous weight. Each and every … Continue reading