Trump Signs Executive Order Aimed at Improving Foster Care

On June 24, 2020, President Donald Trump issued an Executive Order to improve the foster care system in America. One may be curious as to how exactly he plans on improving foster care. He made it clear he plans to carry this out in these specific sections:

  1. The purpose of this plan, President Trump explains, is that every child deserves a family. He immediately makes it clear that he wishes that there was no need for a foster care system, that every child could have a home regardless. He explains that his administration is working on prevention strategies so children don’t need to go to foster families. However, there are still over 400 thousand children in foster care, so their needs need to be addressed.
  2. The first action he will take is to combat the weak partnerships foster care centers have with communities and begin to strengthen those ties. He will make sure data is more readily available in order to keep families as together as possible by placing siblings in the same home.
  3. The next action he has in place is to improve adequate resources to caregivers and youth. It will work to expand educational options and the wealth of trauma-informed training.
  4. President Trump will also work on ensuring the equality and treatment access for all families, and will check up on the progress in a few months, and then again every year.
  5. He will improve processes to prevent unnecessary removal and secure permanent homes for children. Basically, with this step, President Trump is trying to make the foster care system as painless and secure as possible for these children who would have otherwise been carted around to different houses unnecessarily.

The foster care system will never be perfect in America, Trump realizes, because the perfect situation is for every child to have a family. However, it is wonderful that President Trump is taking this issue into consideration and will do well to debunk the myth that people who are pro-life only care about babies inside the woumb. This is evidence contradicting that claim. The pro-life generation not only wants all people to have the right to life, but also to be able to live their best life.