The Horrific Reality of Abortion Shield Laws

As the third quarter of 2023 begins to near its close, babies are continuously being saved by abortion restrictions that stemmed from the Dobbs decision. The reversal of Roe v. Wade enabled states to fully outlaw abortion altogether.

Unfortunately, not all voters are happy with this change. Many voters, politicians, and activists see abortion as a fundamental right that must not be infringed upon. However, the line of thought behind this conclusion is puzzling at best: a woman should have the freedom to do what she wants with her body.

Though many pro-life activists may agree with such a statement in a vacuum, its application to the abortion conversation requires intense mental gymnastics. Somehow, the pro-abortion line of thinking has reduced an unborn child to being beneath worthless. Not only is the fetus stripped of its humanity, but also its status as a blessing.

For many couples, having a pregnancy test return a positive result can be one of the most exciting and intimate moments in their lives. However, many pro-abortion activists now nearly paint this precious unborn child as a sort of “parasite” that is living in the mother’s womb without her consent. 

This horrific distortion from precious child to unwanted parasite requires the denial of blatant truths, such as the fetus’s human identity. Conclusions like these do not happen naturally; they only come about when there is an agenda to reach them. Ultimately, many pro-abortion advocates elevate themselves and their short-term convenience over all else, including the lives of the unborn.

With this sad reality in place, it is no surprise to see that pro-abortion advocates are taking their efforts to a new extreme in a post-Roe world. They are ramping up their demands to new extremes to ensure the unborn will continue to suffer as much as possible. 

Their strategy involves passing new “abortion shield laws” in various states. Per the Charlotte Lozier Institute, these laws would:

  • “Decline to enforce judgments or penalties issued in another state;”
  • “Refuse to extradite abortionists;”
  • “Reject the application of any life-affirming law from a pro-life state in the pro-abortion state’s courts;”
  • “Prohibit negative professional consequences, including the loss or denial of malpractice insurance, for an abortionist who performs abortions legal in the pro-abortion state, even when penalties were issued against the abortionist in another state; and”
  • “Withhold all cooperation in any extra-jurisdictional investigation of abortions that are legal in the pro-abortion state.”

Essentially, many of these abortion shield laws would remove any liabilities for individuals that perform abortions. Clearly, pro-abortion advocates do not care about the “woman’s safety”; they simply want to perform as many abortions as possible at all costs.

With these abortion shield laws becoming increasingly prominent, the time to speak up is now. The abortion industry is moving more aggressively than ever, and it is the pro-life community’s job to educate the everyday person on the truly horrific implications of abortion. In a world where deception runs rampant, it is crucial for the pro-life community to speak the truth both loudly and in love.