Texas Judge Blocks Action to Defund Planned Parenthood

As Texas takes steps towards ending taxpayer funded abortion within its borders, some pushback has arisen. Last week, Democrat Judge Maya Guerra Gamble successfully blocked Texas from removing Planned Parenthood from their Medicaid plan.

Just hours after Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit regarding their organization potentially being taken off of Texas’ Medicaid plan, Judge Gamble came through for Planned Parenthood and suspended this pro-life action until February 17, at which time a hearing will be held regarding the legality of it.

Gamble argued that, if this bill is passed, “Immediate and irreparable harm will result.” It would remove 8,000 individuals in the state of Texas from access to Planned Parenthood and leave them with 30 days to find a new health care provider covered by Medicaid. 

Although it may seem harsh to completely remove Planned Parenthood from Medicaid in Texas, Planned Parenthood is actually a sub-par medical health care provider as their sole focus is increasing their revenue from abortion. Planned Parenthood is the unrivalled leading abortion provider in the United States, and defunding them in Texas would be a large victory for the pro-life movement. 

According to Texas Right to Life: “Medicaid providers in Texas are required to follow Texas Medicaid policies and federal and state law. The Texas Office of the Inspector General (OIG) found Planned Parenthood violated federal regulations by altering abortion procedures to harvest baby body parts. Thus, the OIG terminated Planned Parenthood’s provider contract.”

Not only does Planned Parenthood perform abortions, they were found to be violating federal regulations. Planned Parenthood’s involvement in the harvesting of fetal body parts is surely a grave offence and reason enough for them to be taken off Medicaid.

Jennifer Almon, Executive Director of Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops, says that Texans should not be worried about finding a different organization to get their medical needs met. 

“There are hundreds of providers throughout the state of Texas willing to serve poor women with authentic healthcare services that are not also peddling abortion,” she assures the public. “The Texas Pregnancy Care Network has a list of such providers throughout the state and if these providers do not accept Medicaid, they can make referrals to life-affirming Medicaid providers who can offer genuine healthcare to women in need.”

Although Planned Parenthood may offer minimum services other than abortions to their patients, even Planned Parenthood’s CEO has admitted that the core mission of this multi-million dollar organization is to perform abortions. With the facilities not up to code in performing the killing of millions of babies per year, the question stands: why is this unethical, hugely-profitable organization whose end goal is the killing of children, still being funded by taxpayers in so many states?