Serena Dyksen: She Found His Grace

A bright and cheery face in the pro-life movement, Serena Dyksen is the founder of the “She Found His Grace” ministries and the author of a new book, She Found His Grace.

Dyksen is the embodiment of a woman who has taken her struggles and sufferings and turned them from burdens to graces. At the age of only thirteen, she was assaulted and forced by her parents into an abortion. 

Like many women who undergo abortions, Dyksen didn’t have an inkling of what the procedure entailed. Even after the abortion, Dyksen explains that she really didn’t understand what happened. Her parents and the abortionist convinced her that it was a “normal” procedure, and she completely believed them. Serena’s abortion was, in fact, performed by the infamous Dr. Ulrich Klopfer. Following Klopfer’s death in 2012, it was discovered that he had illegally stored the remains of 2,411 aborted babies in a garage and car on his property. 

“When I went to the abortion clinic, they separated me from my parents.” Dyksen explained, “The only thing they told me was that it was a clump of cells.” 

A few short years after her abortion, Dyksen was faced with the choice of life or death for another preborn child. This time, however, Serena was carrying the baby of the man who is now her husband. At the time of the pregnancy, though, they were both just sixteen-year-old high school students. Despite being so young, the couple,  “chose life at 16 in the parking lot at Planned Parenthood, even though  [people] said, ‘You’re young, you’re poor, and you’re in school.’”

Why were they at Planned Parenthood? The story of how this young couple chose life will give any listener chills. Listen to the podcast to hear all of Dyksen’s incredible story of healing, forgiveness and how Serena is now using her experience to help other women.