Father’s Day Cards Available NOW!

With Father’s Day being just around the corner, we have the perfect way to celebrate all the courageous fathers you know.

Customarily, at this time of the year, our grant program, Project Love, offers its beautiful Father’s Day cards. This is one important way we raise money for our grants. 

You can get your Project Love Father’s Day cards HERE!

And here is the best part: by getting a Father’s Day card from us, your gift goes farther than you might think! Not only will you make the wonderful man who receives the card feel loved, but you will also help another mother to choose life!

Project Love supports pregnant women and new mothers in a financial crisis by providing grants for rent, utility bills, or other necessities. All of our grant recipients are facing eviction, large medical bills, or are about to have their heat or water shut off. They have no place else to turn, so we are there for them.

In the last 25 years, Project Love has provided over 1,300 financial grants to women in unplanned pregnancies and crisis pregnancy situations.

Since its inception, we have gifted over half a million dollars in grants.

For each card, we do ask for a $5.00 donation, though we will always gladly and gratefully accept any additional donation you’d like to give.

Thank you for all you do to support Project Love and Illinois Right to Life, and Illinois Right to Life wishes all the sacrificial and loving fathers a very happy Father’s Day!