Illinois Abortion Clinic Puts Patients in “Jeopardy”

“The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) found conditions so dangerous to women that all abortions were cancelled and not allowed to resume until every surgical instrument in the entire facility was re-sterilized and staff were trained on proper sterilization procedures.”

Where did this happen?

Access Health Center – a large abortion facility in Downers Grove, Illinois.

According to the Pro-Life Action League, a recent inspection of the clinic by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) resulted in these disturbing findings.

They state:

“The instruments—which enter the uterus to perform an abortion—contained no chemical indicators to indicate that sterilization had taken place. No weekly biological testing was being performed on the autoclave (sterilizer) itself, and no log was being kept of the sterilization of instruments. There was no way to know whether the instruments were carrying infection from previous patients.”

The abortion industry and Planned Parenthood always say they care about women, so they want abortion to be “legal” and “safe.”

But tools inserted into a woman’s body in an invasive surgical procedure… were not sterilized?

What could be more disgusting, negligent, and unsafe? Women’s lives were directly put a risk.

And the really frightening thing is, this is not the first time, nor is it just this clinic.

In 2014, we conducted an in-depth investigation into the Illinois abortion clinics, and what we found made us sick to our stomachs.

Not only were conditions terrible, but health inspections were sparse.

If you would like to view the disturbing findings of our report, click here.

Here’s a brief snapshot:

ClinicHealth Inspection DateReport
Michigan Avenue Center for Health (Chicago)2011 (No previous health inspection since 2004.)“Two of 5 metal carts contained rust like stains and dust.” Cart #2 contained an abmu bag with a brown substance and rust like stains and dust.” “Two of 2 metal carts in the Recovery room contained rust like stains and dust.” “Suction tubing identified by staff as clean, was suspended over a biohazard container. The lid of the container when opened touched the clean tubing.
Aanchor Health Center (Glen Ellyn)2011 (No previous health inspection since 2002).“Based on manufacturer’s guidelines, Biological Spore Testing Log, and staff interview, it was determined that for 3 of 9 weeks in March and April 2011…the facility failed to ensure biological spore testing was verified and documented each week.”
Hope Medical Clinic (Granite City)2013Failed to ensure the oxygen tank in the recovery room contained an adequate amount of oxygen, potentially affecting 100% of the patients.” On 7/19/06 Hope Medical Clinic women’s abortion clinic provider was sued for medical malpractice. On 4/2/08 an undisclosed settlement agreement was reached.


The list goes on. Click here for more information.

Finally, and to top it all off, not a single Planned Parenthood clinic in the state of Illinois is licensed or inspected.

The truth of the matter is, if the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood really cared about women, there would not be such flagrant neglect.

The hypocrisy of the abortion industry, couldn’t be more obvious.