Abortion Provider Hey Jane Launches Billboard Campaign

Abortion provider Hey Jane has now launched a billboard advertising campaign to promote out-of-state residents traveling to Illinois to receive an abortion. 

Per a report from Print Magazine, Hey Jane has seen a staggering 301% increase in patients within Illinois. 

Unfortunately, ad campaigns like these are likely to drive those figures up even further. 

In addition to this, as many states continue to pass life-saving abortion restrictions, states with pro-abortion agendas will continue to draw in out-of-state travelers. 

Underneath abortion providers’ facade of simply providing “options” and “access to healthcare” is a much more sinister financial motive. According to Planned Parenthood, the average first trimester abortion costs roughly $600, while second trimester abortions can range from $700-$2000. 

Ultimately, to these clinics, abortion is merely a means of business, and they attempt to suppress any moral or ethical discussions regarding abortion in pursuit of greater profits.