Youth Leading the Pro-Life Movement

This past Saturday, Illinois Right to Life sponsored the Simply Pro-life Teen event in Barrington, IL. I had the opportunity to speak at the event, to share the mission of our organization, and interact with many young people, some of whom traveled from other states to attend.


Games, giveaways, and talks were featured, as well as workshops on training the next generation of pro-life activists. We heard from speakers such as Maison DesChamps (the Pro-Life Spiderman), and former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson.


The high school and college-aged students I spoke to at this event are on fire for the pro-life cause. Whether they were going into healthcare, education, or politics, they are all intelligent and prepared to take on the fight to end abortion. They asked meaningful questions and were eager to connect with their peers and mentors. Many of them signed up to volunteer to help with our grassroots efforts to win Illinois for Life.


I am so excited to see the young people of Illinois stepping up to rebuild a culture of life. These young people, who have branded themselves as the Pro-Life Generation, are an inspiring testament to the ever-growing influence of the pro-life cause.


Emily Alcaraz

Development Manager