Rebekah Hagan: A Passionate Advocate for Women

“Within just a moment, just about 60 seconds, I saw my life plan… I saw it all just flash before my eyes.” 

In the latest episode of Life Chat Rebekah Hagan explains the utter fear and discouragement she felt when she saw the two pink lines on the pregnancy test she took alone in a grocery store bathroom.

I already have a son, she thought, I can hardly take care of him, and I’m barely making it by living at my parents’ house. What if they kick us out and I can’t take care of him or the new baby?

Needless to say, Rebekah was absolutely torn: having grown up in a pro-life home, she didn’t want to have an abortion, but she believed abortion would be the best option for herself and the nearly one-year-old baby she already had. She didn’t know where to turn for help.

“Women can do it all, until they become pregnant in undesirable circumstances.” This is the message being portrayed to women, Rebekah explains, and it is so destructive. It’s a double standard that is being fed to women, and, according to Rebekah, “You feel defeated.”

Terrified for herself and her one-year-old, Rebekah Googled “abortion clinics.” 

“When I typed in ‘abortion clinics near me,’… there were eight abortion clinics within a 20 mile radius, and seven still exist today.” While Rebekah had easy access to a number of abortion clincis, there were no pregnancy resource centers in her area. In fact, she didn’t know there were such things as pregnancy resource centers.

With only these resources at her disposal, Rebekah scheduled an appointment for the abortion pill. She told Life Chat, “[The abortion industry has] called the abortion pill the ‘Ten-Week After Pill,’ ‘The Missed Period Pill,’ and ‘Plan C.’” 

What Rebekah soon discovered, though,  is that a chemical abortion entails much more than the misleading euphemisms implied.

To hear Rebekah’s full story and learn what happened after she took the abortion pill, and how a program like Illinois Right to Life’s Pregnancy Help Finder could have changed her circumstances, listen to the full Life Chat episode here.