Introducing… our FIRST FOUR Social Media Ambassadors!

We are so excited to introduce to you our first four social media ambassadors! In the next few weeks, we will be introducing them in groups of four so that you can get a better idea of the backgrounds of our very diverse group of Illinois Right to Life Social Media Ambassadors.

Stella Randazzo (@stellateresina): Stella has been pro-life her entire life, and growing up as the third oldest of ten children allowed her to witness first-hand the beauty of life. Since she was old enough to remember, she has prayed for the end to abortion in her family’s daily Rosary. When she learned the definition of abortion, she was horrified and couldn’t imagine any woman wanting to end her child’s life. She wants to create a change in her community and in the lives of others and is very excited for this opportunity to promote what she believes in!

Lorraine Grazzian (@lorrainebernacchi): Lorraine is a mother of two and works as a sales consultant for a staffing firm. She tries to spread the beauty of her family life to her professional life as well and strongly stands against abortion. She wants to do her part to encourage women that they can keep their babies and continue on with a career or school.

Kathryn Pluta (@kathryn.pluta): Kathryn is from Chicago and is currently a sophomore at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas, studying English and Journalism. This year, she is an officer in her school’s Respect Life club and a Christian Leadership Fellow with Students for Life of America. She is excited to u

Hope Miller (@hopemiller04): Hope has been involved in the pro-life movement her entire life. She attended events throughout her growing up years, and has remained very involved in the Pro-Life Action League. When she was 13, she decided to take this cause and make it her own. She now has a podcast, a pro-life Instagram, and has begun to speak at Marches for Life. We are so excited to have this vibrant young woman on our team of Illinois Right to Life Social Media Ambassadors!

These are just a few of the wonderful social media ambassadors we have chosen to represent and spread the work we do at Illinois Right to Life! Follow them on Instagram and like and comment on their posts. We are so excited to have such a diverse group of people to represent the diverse work we do at Illinois Right to Life!

Any questions or want to be an IRL Social Media Ambassador yourself? Please feel free to email [email protected].