I Need To Be Adopted

Last week we shared with you the beautiful story of Chicago Cubs Chris Coghlan and his wife Corrie adopting their son Judge. We asked if you would prayerfully consider if your family is being called to adopt.

We’re praying you will say yes. Here’s why:

We spoke with Rebecca and Alison over at Bethany Christian Services in Chicago last week. They shared with us the most heartbreaking thing: They have a list of children that officials in other countries have deemed “un-adoptable” because of their condition or age. These are the kids that the abortion lobby says should have been aborted.

That’s why we’re turning to you – the people we know who have the biggest hearts and are strong pro-life advocates. 

We’re hoping you’ll say YES to adopting one of these beautiful children. With Bethany Christian Services’ approval, here are a few angels that are waiting right now to be adopted into their forever family. 

[We’ll be including 5 more children waiting to be adopted next week.]


Ian, Age 5, China 


Little Ian loves toys and can engage in one activity for an extended period of time. While shy at first when meeting strangers, this five-year-old will eagerly offer to share his toys when an adult sits with him. Ian’s motor development is reported as very good, and he loves to spin the tiny wheels of his toy cars and race them on the floor. He also has a great smile, is eager to share with the other children, and giggles when he hears his name being called. While Ian is a child always-on-the-go, he likes to also stop and listen to music.

Harrison, Age 5, China


Harrison is five, and while a little shy, this sweet boy absolutely adores his aunties at the care home! He easily follows the instructions they give him and will always offer to share toys and food. Harrison also gets along well with other children and can point many out by name. One of Harrison’s favorite things is being tickled, as he will smile and laugh with glee! Harrison has good gross and fine motor skills; he loves to stack blocks and flop through picture books. Cookies are also the favorite treat of this little guy!

Sasha, Age 4, South Africa


Sasha is described as a lovely child who is unique. She is loved by her caregivers and those who interact with her. She also does well playing on her own. Sasha will thrive in a family that can provide her with full time care and love. She has the potential for growth in the areas of speech, language, fine motor, and gross motor skills.

Sasha will thrive in a very special family who will help her to reach her potential through much love, support, and nurturing.

Mark & Jason, Ages 12 & 10, Columbia


Mark is a friendly boy who loves soccer and actively participates in soccer club. He gets along well with his younger brother Jason and is great with younger children. He is willing to work hard on school activities and gets along well with others.

Jason is shy at first, but interacts easily with others once he gets to know them. He makes friends easily and gets along well with other children. He enjoys both sports and artistic activities, including soccer, painting, and drawing. Like his brother Mark, he loves animals! He does well in school and shows great interest in continuing his studies.

Mark and Jason are very clear that they desire to have a stable family who will adopt them together and provide them with the love, care, and support they need.

Brennan, Age 3, China


Brennan is a shy little boy who gets along well with the other children. He likes playing hide-and-seek and watching himself in the mirror. He often crawls to his caregiver to take her hands, and his caregivers report that he is a much-adored little boy. They also share that he greatly enjoys sour oranges, despite the funny frown on his face when he eats them!

Randy, Age 13, Albania


Randy is a sweet and sociable boy who is eager to please. He loves spending time with others and always lights up when visited by familiar people. The Bethany team in Albania has been visiting with Randy for a few years now and feel so strongly that he would be a blessing to an adoptive family. The urgency to find Randy an adoptive home is pressing, because when he turns 16 years old, he is no longer considered to be adoptable in his country. Unfortunately, the long-term care options for Randy are meager, and his best opportunities at a successful future are if he is able to be adopted into a family.

Randy always has a smile on his face and tends to have such a happy and friendly disposition. He demonstrates great potential and is eager to learn. Randy is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and is currently receiving regular physical therapy and speech/occupational therapy. He continues to make consistent strides with his development, as just recently he has learned to get himself on and off an elevator, put on his socks, and feed himself. His physical therapist believes that with regular therapy, Randy would be able to master walking with a walker.


Alison Lamsma is waiting for your call over at Bethany Christian Services if you’d like to learn more about adopting one of these kids. She can be reached at 708.385.4889.  

Bethany says one of the most common responses received is:

“This child is such a great kid. Why haven’t they been adopted yet?”

Maybe, just maybe, one of these children will be able to say:

“For Thanksgiving this year, I give thanks for being adopted!”


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