College Students Rise up to March for Life in their County

With all the disappointments people around the world have faced this year due to Covid-19, the cancellation of the National March for Life was perhaps one of the most significant for pro-lifers across America. 

This gathering of thousands upon thousands of people each year — people of all ages and all walks of life — is one of the most anticipated events of the year in pro-life communities across America.

While it was set to still take place this year, just a few weeks beforehand the organizers of the National March for Life sent out a statement with news that the annual rally would take place virtually. In light of this, only a small group of pro-life leaders were invited to attend the March for Life in Washington, D.C. as representatives of the American pro-life population.

Although the national pro-life leaders had decided this was the best course of action, one local group of college students were still determined to rally for life. If they couldn’t attend the highly anticipated March for Life in Washington, D.C., they would make their own march!

All within the span of a little more than a week, Matthew, Sarah, and Shawna–students from Lake County–came together to create the first-ever March for Life of Lake County. “He [Matthew] called me, interested in doing it, because all the other marches got canceled,” Shawna explains about the march. “With there being that new Planned Parenthood in Waukegan, he was really good at having those ideas and thinking about how to do activism in that area in particular.”

Shawna describes how she knew they needed to do something in response to the newly-opened Planned Parenthood clinic:  “What made me think of [having a march] was, over the summer, George Floyd died. Because of one person dying there were hundreds of people outside with signs for days straight.”

Shawna continues, saying, “They were upset and doing something about it. Then, they open this Planned Parenthood where they are killing hundreds of people per week and… crickets. That’s not the appropriate response.” The appropriate response in Shawna’s opinion was speaking up: being a large presence in the community and speaking out against this evil in the midst of Lake County.

Of course, they got much flack from many family members and friends for hosting this march. Sarah explains, “After posting about my affiliation, I lost over 60 of my good friends from school.” However, she is not the least bit regretful. 

Shawna elaborates on that, saying, “You don’t want to lose a friendship, but if more people spoke out more about it, posted about what they believed, I think the pushback would take apart the pettiness. Be fearless, stand up for your beliefs, make friendships with pro-life people.”

All three of the students recognize the power that their conviction can bring to the pro-life community and the world.

The Lake County March for Life ended up drawing close to 50 people, which the group is happy with, considering the terrible weather conditions of that day. However, they do plan on hosting another March for Life possibly in the upcoming months where they are hoping to get an even larger turnout!

To contact this pro-life group of college students and get information about upcoming events, email [email protected]