Special Announcement

It’s here!

This is a big day for the future pro-life movement in Illinois. Why?

The Heart2Heart Educational Program is here!

(And you are the first to hear about it.)

I invite you to go to www.Heart2HeartEdu.org right now and check it out!

This groundbreaking new, pro-life program is a catalyst for educating, preparing, and equipping the next generation of pro-lifers in Illinois with science and the facts to defend the pro-life values. At the same time, it equips teachers with the tools they need to gently open the hearts and minds of pro-choice and indifferent students to becoming pro-life.

Preliminary testing for the program showed that 94% of pro-choice and pro-life students felt more pro-life after hearing the testimonies.

And the great thing is: it’s being offered to teachers free of charge! All they have to do is register.

Remember this? Here’s a sneak peek at what we have in store for our students…

Real stories. Real science. Real lives.

Visit www.Heart2HeartEdu.org right now and check out this new approach to pro-life education and how it’s building the next pro-life generation. All you have to do is register to access our library of videos and supporting materials.

If we can partner with Illinois teachers to bring the pro-life values to students, we will be able to dramatically reduce the number of abortions on teens and young adults, save babies, and save a generation from a lifetime of pain and hurt.

Don’t you think it’s time we had a heart-to-heart with our students?

We do.