Heart2Heart Program

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Using the leading research on how students learn most effectively and retain information, the Heart2Heart Educational Program combines storytelling and facts to be most effective and turn hearts pro-life. 

What is the Heart2Heart Program?

The Heart2Heart Program is a free online library of professionally filmed videos that serve to teach students pro-life values on various pro-life issues. Each video will be accompanied by a leader guide/lesson helper in order to arm teachers with the resources to teach pro-life values in their classrooms.

How does it work?

We must present students with the science and facts to intellectually argue the pro-life values. How do we do this?

  1. Storytelling and discussion
    This program creates a free online library of high quality videos of real people who have experienced abortion and other anti-life issues. They tell their stories, along with relative facts, allowing students to hear about the issues first-hand and have an informed discussion.
  2. Watch and Learn
    These videos are no longer than 15 minutes long to fit in a class period and allow time for classroom discussion. Each video is accompanied by a teacher’s guide.
  3. Experience and Act
    After watching the videos and learning, teachers can follow these two remaining steps to help students experience and defend the pro-life movement.
    1. Experience: Attend the March for Life
    2. Defend: Participate in our Student Oratory Contest
  4. Turn Illinois Pro-Life
    Through education, we are building the next pro-life generation in our state.

What topics are covered?

Our videos feature several different speakers sharing their personal stories and experience, covering a variety of life issues relevant today. A few of the topics covered in our series include the development of the unborn child and their ability to feel pain, the impact of abortion, the choice for life,  adoption, the dignity of the human person, physician assisted suicide, and more. Each video includes both personal testimony and research based facts and statistics.

What are the results so far?

In the fall of 2016, we had the first video shoot for the Heart2Heart program in front of a large studio audience of 200 students – both pro-choice and pro-life. As our featured speakers told their stories, not only were some students moved to tears, but so was one of the film crew.

Students’ responses were glowing and 100% positive. 94% of students said they felt more pro-life after hearing the talks. That included the pro-choice students in the audience. (The remaining 6% of students said they were already extremely pro-life so they felt no different.) 72% of students said they felt significantly more pro-life after watching the talks.

The Heart2Heart program is already breaking down the walls of pro-choice and indifferent students and turning them pro-life!

What have the students said?

Here are just a few of the many comments we received when we asked students for feedback on the program:

“Thank you so much for coming …These talks have sparked so much positive conversation about abortion. Hearts and minds are changing because of these testaments. I am so excited for them to be used to train other students and groups across the state!” – Female high school student

“I just feel more involved now. I feel I have a deeper root now that I’ve heard from people first-hand impacted by abortion. I’ve cemented my status of hopefully being a leader of the pro-life generation. Knowing some people in my classes, I think it would definitely change their minds on the questions about abortion. Coming from a Catholic school, none of us really understood the first-hand effects of abortion. But through this video I feel like most of us will come to know now.” – Male high school student

“I just wanted to say everyone was absolutely amazing and I’m making a promise to you that I will do whatever I can to help people out in this position if I ever come across this and even if it’s personal. God bless you for having this talk. Thank you!! This was so meaningful and changed my perspective on things.” – Female high school student

Why is it important?

Before developing our Heart2Heart Educational Program, we did some research and spoke with several teachers and students at different high schools in Illinois. We wanted to know what the attitudes and values of their students were toward certain life issues, if they considered themselves pro-choice or pro-life, and if there was a need in classrooms for engaging, fact-based education on these topics.

What we found shocked us.

Teachers from several of our premier Catholic and Christian high schools were in agreement that at least 2/3 of their student body were either pro-choice or indifferent on the issue of abortion and related topics. In our experience speaking and presenting to students at these high schools, we witnessed the same thing. It was then that we realized the enormous need for an educational program that would engage students while helping them to understand the pro-life values and the real facts behind the issues.

Can we have a sneak peek?

Of course! Check out the preview video for our new Heart2Heart Educational Program below.

Who can use the program and how?

Teachers, students, church pastors, community leaders, and individuals who believe knowledge is power and want to know more are all invited to utilize our program.

Visit to www.Heart2HeartEdu.com and check it out!