Legislative Lobbying Internship Program



Illinois Right to Life Action (IRLA) is a recently merged organization  (April 2017) from two well-established pro-life organizations of Illinois Right to Life and Illinois Citizens for Life with both having over 40 years of experience.  IRLA’s mission is to work to secure the principle that all human beings are legal persons at every stage of biological development from conception to natural death and as such are entitled to the basic human right to life, irrespective of age, health, function or condition of dependency.

As organized IRLA has two main objectives;

  • To encourage by education, including public seminars, lectures and discussions, the need of society to preserve and strengthen the right to life of all human beings within the most complete meaning of the term and to help present alternatives to abortion, infanticide and euthanasia by actively supporting groups and individuals involved in alternative solutions;
  • To encourage and promote among its members and members of the general public an awareness of the need to protect the right to life of others, including but not limited to the life of unborn fetuses and those so suffering from mental and/or physical disorders that they are not adequately able to protect their own interests and to encourage and foster legislation and public policy to these ends.



The overall duties of an intern are to accompany the IRLA Springfield Lobbyist on legislative session days and non-session days from January through May with the objective of the Intern learning the full process of lobbying and creating and preparing legislation for the cause of protecting Life.

Intern Responsibilities and Duties:


• Learn how to read and analyze bills and amendments

• Learn the strategies on how a bill passes and/or is defeated

• Work with leaders and attorneys of pro-life organizations on pro-life related legislation

• Sit in on committee meetings with and without the Lobbyist
• Watch floor proceedings with and without the Lobbyist
• Sit in with Lobbyist as he testifies on bills
• Be with Lobbyist when talking with senators and representatives in their offices
• Be with the Lobbyist during meetings/conversations with Democrat and Republican Staff and with other lobbyists
• Review and/or research bills as they are introduced; this can be up to 5,000 bills each session
• Review the thousand or more amendments which are filed each session
• Possibly co-ordinate research of bills with volunteers who are reviewing bills online
• Follow-up on status of bills as they progress through the process.
• Ultimately be sent on his/her own to explain bills to “friendly” legislators
• Set up user file accounts for tracking legislation
• Work with and instruct volunteers who come to the Capitol to do Citizen Lobbying

Intern Reports To:

The Intern will be under the supervision of full-time Illinois Right to Life Action Lobbyist Ralph Rivera who has over 30 years of full-time lobbying experience at the State Capitol. Mr. Rivera also lobbies for other non-profit organizations that deal with pro-life, pro-family, religious liberty issues and for religious schools at the State Capitol. To get the most out of the internship, an intern should have a supportive position of these issues in order to be able to work fully with Ralph Rivera.

Time Commitment:

• The internship may begin the first week of January.
• The new session of the legislature will begin in January 2018, as early as January 2nd.
• The intern will be present in Springfield whenever the legislature is in session, 3-5 days per week.
• The intern will work through the end of the Spring 2018 Session, which will end May 31, 2018, or until the end of the Intern’s college semester.
• The Illinois General Assembly should recess for two weeks – the week before and the week after Easter. However, there may be one or more meetings or preparation during that time before going back to The Capitol so time off is now assured.

Internship Reimbursement:

• The intern may be reimbursed for some travel expenses, meals, and lodging which will be monitored by the supervisor and submitted to the IRLA office for reimbursement under his supervision.

Intern Position Requirements:

• Currently enrolled in a college or university;
• At least 18 years of age at the time of the internship;
• This is a Pro-Life Internship, and intern must have a strong pro-life position and commitment and hold a strong religious liberty protection position;
• Provide a written essay stating the Intern’s personal position on abortion, euthanasia, physician – assisted suicide, embryonic stem cell research;
• Communications with legislators, staff and other lobbyists and pro-life leaders at times will be confidential and interns will need to respect that confidentiality;
• Interns must be properly dressed for lobbying [men must wear a suit, tie, and dress shoes at the State Capitol; women must wear a dress; or blouse/sweater and skirt; or dress pants and blouse] all dress for men and women must be modest in attire;
• Interns must be professional in appearance as they are representing Illinois Right to Life Action and the decorum of The Capitol;
• Interns must be respectful of all parties they come in contact with, whether legislators, staff, lobbyists or the public, including those of opposing views;
• Interns must not be using any illegal drugs or use alcohol to excess;
• Interns should have a good command of the English language and be able to write information sheets for legislators and grassroots pro-life people that are concise and thoughtful [interns will be taught the style and format for these];
• Interns must be honest in their dealings with those they talk to since our word is our bond before legislators, staff and other lobbyists.

To Apply

First: If you are interested in the Legislative Lobbying Internship Program, we recommend you contact your College Chair or Department Head and present them with the program information and the following letter.
Download and print the letter HERE.

Next: Download, print, and fill out your application HERE.

Finally: If you would like to send your application via email, please send it to: info@IllinoisRightToLife.org, subject line: Lobbying Internship Application.

If you would like to mail your application, please mail it to:

Illinois Right to Life

P.O. Box 511

Chicago, IL 60690

If you would like to fax your application, please fax to: 312.422.9302.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call 312.422.9300.