Is your clinic putting your health and safety first?

As Illinoisans, we care about the safety of women in our state.

On that note, if you are a woman living in Illinois seeking services at a state abortion clinic, there is something you should know…

Illinois Right to Life conducted an investigation into the health and sanitary conditions of women’s abortion clinics throughout our state. Our investigation revealed a severe pattern of disregard for basic medical and sanitation practices among licensed women’s clinics.

Please Note: Research for the investigation was conducted until publication, in January of 2015. Current research is being conducted to update the following statistics, and it will be available soon. Until then, this is what we know:

As documented in our investigative report, the Illinois Department of Public Health did not conduct regular health and sanitary inspections, despite a history of serious health violations and medical malpractice lawsuits.

63% of licensed Illinois women’s clinics did not receive a health and sanitary inspection in between two and three-and-a-half-years. This leaves women open to the prospect of unsterile surgical tools, dirty operating rooms, incomplete medical attention, infections, and possibly more deaths.

Illinois Right to Life researchers requested a copy of the Illinois Department of Public Health’s sanitary inspection policy for licensed women’s clinics. No such policy exists.

Tanning Salons


Inspected every year.

Nursing Homes


Inspected a minimum of every 15 months.

Chicago Restaurants


Inspected every year. 

Women’s Abortion Clinics


No health inspection policy. Inspected an average of once every 9 years. 

No woman should enter a women’s abortion clinic and leave needing a tetanus shot, HIV testing, or emergency treatment at the hospital.

We call upon the Illinois Department of Public Health to protect women from the deplorable health and sanitary violations found within Illinois women’s abortion clinics. Join us, and sign our petition.

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