Woman in Need on the Streets of Chicago

Around ten o’clock this morning our development manager, Sarah Brown, came rushing back to the office from a coffee run. “There’s a woman outside who has a baby,” she explained, “And she needs our help.” On her way back to the office, Sarah had come across a young woman and her child sitting on the downtown Chicago sidewalk. 

Sarah, who is always friendly and always concerned for others, exchanged pleasantries with the woman which led to a more in-depth conversation. The woman shared her story with Sarah — she and her baby were homeless and desperate. The mother didn’t want money, she just wanted a safe place where she and her baby could stay. Sarah and Savannah Dudzik, our Communications Assistant, immediately jumped on their phones to find help for this desperate young woman.

While Savannah was talking with the woman and making calls, Sarah brought the woman some coffee and a bagel. As the woman drank the coffee and her baby ate the bagel, the baby started smiling and looking at them with his big, beautiful eyes.

Here in the streets of Chicago, Sarah and Savannah were doing down-to-earth pro-life work: directly helping a woman in need. This is what Illinois Right to Life does: We work to turn Illinois pro-life, one heart at a time. Sometimes this is through large-scale strategic plans and, other times, it is helping individuals who are, quite literally, just outside our doors.

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